Predict Our Losing Streak

That would be devastating. Our beloved Ti-cat forum would die since we wouldn't have anything to complain about. :wink:

I, for one, would be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. :wink:

Oops! Did something wrong, not getting my reply into the above post. Sorry for the waste of space.

To Mfth's question, my answer is unfortunately "Yes" when it comes the Ti-Cats. The frustrations of the past decade turned me to the empty view and as those frustrations continue to mount the period required for a reversal gets longer and longer. I clearly remember my breaking point -- the opening game of 2010. However, with some encouraging signs in recent weeks, I did write, in another thread, during the bye-week that I'd again be a believer if the Cats won any 3 of their difficult first 5 after the break. So, for me, it's now 3 of the next 4.

No worries about the waste of space.

So you're saying if my prediction comes true you will be optimistic again? Now I have 2 reasons to hope my prediction comes true - my natural love and affinity for everything black and gold, and your mood. :thup: :thup:

Ok that is rich coming from you. You have started two threads and both of them have been negative/complaining threads.

Let's keep the faith.

Montreal lost to Calgary yesterday. Cavillo threw 28/49 for 57.1% and 389 yards. He got 3 TD's and 1 interception. So despite a good day, they still lost. They're still taking selfish, dumb penalites so the discipline problem hasn't been resolved. And they still have to play Winnipeg 3 times (twice away) and Calgary one more time in Montreal. No matter who wins between Montreal and Winnipeg, Hamilton will still benefit.

As has been pointed out, the Cats will play Toronto twice, as well as, BC and Saskatchewan, not too tough. By the time they get to the higher grade competition, let's hope that the defense will stiffen more and the penalty and mistake issues will be either resolved or lessened.

Meantime, I will keep the positive thoughts and my horse shoe and rabbit's foot handy too!!!

Well the Montreal loss yesterday sets up a battle for 2nd place on Labour Day.

With Winnipeg sitting pretty at 7-1 with the season series won against Hamilton, I think any hope of winning the east in the regular season is dead. The next 2 weeks will determine how we stack up against Montreal and whether we will compete for 2nd place and the home playoff date down the stretch.

Win on Labour Day and we'll be tied with Montreal in wins losses sitting in 2nd place with a 2-0 head-to-head record against Montreal. If we lose, we're in 3rd place and back 2 games behind Montreal heading to their barn the next week.

:thup: I love it!

I start off each season and game with incredible optimism. It's only after witnessing self-defeating buffoonery that I'm inclined to post negative threads.

If you don't like my Posts go into you personal Settings and add me as a Foe
My Post will then not been seen by you ever again unless you click on them
I encourage all those who can't stand me to do this ..
Cause I will never stop Posting as Long the Forums are here.

Onknight, there is no reason I can see to mark you as a foe. You've been a faithful participant in this forum for a long time.

But I recall that before this season started you said you were going to be a critic this year rather than a fan. It's ok to define yourself that way, but being a critic doesn't imply having to be negative all the time. Movie critics, theatre critics, literary critics, music critics... they're all critics, and criticism means making hopefully thoughtful-- and hopefully objective-- commentary about the subject matter they're reviewing. You can do that and do it very well. You don't need to restrict yourself to being negative in order to be an effective critic.

You can choose to be negative if you wish to of course, but that just makes your posts more predictable and less interesting than they could be. Some people may decide to mark you as a foe. I won't, but I'll enjoy your posts less than I otherwise would.

Onknight I don’t want to add you as a foe, but the negativity that comes from your posts are getting to be too much. You can take a positive and turn it into a negative. Take our win against Montreal. Instead of taking pride in our accomplishment, you made excuses as to why Montreal lost and that this win was irrelevant. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but there is a difference between opinion and just plain negativity.


well said sir!

And even a movie or a concert critic will acknowledge a good or great effort when they see it.

Critics in any medium need to be objective and fair, otherwise they may be eventually dismissed by the general populace.

I don't see how that helps in any way, but if that's what gets you through the day knock yourself out.

You do have Valid Points Gentlemen
I have been extremly Hash on them
I will try be a little more Liberal in my posts

Onknight you are a classy man. Your opinions matter to all of use. We may not all see eye to eye, but we all share one thing in common, our love for the greatest football team in the world the Ticats.

That's comical coming from a guy who's tagline comes from

  1. I'm not a guy.
  2. Yes it does and it's funny and you don't see me complaining so I don't see the correlation