Predict Our Losing Streak

I just saw the schedule for the next 4 games which consists of:

Montreal Sept. 5
Montreal Sept. 11
Edmonton Sept. 16
Calgary Sept. 25

These are all powerhouse teams which will make the next few weeks really nerve-racking. If we don't really step up our game we could potentially be looking at 4 and 8. The only saving grace would be that we play the weaker teams in the final 3 games. This would end the season around a mediocre 8-10 and no home playoff date. Then we would only have to beat Montreal at home, Winnipeg at home, and either Calgary or Edmonton in the Grey Cup. Sounds pretty easy. :roll:

So what do you guys think? What will we look like after 12 games? Will we survive this brutal stretch?

Seriously, have some optimism. You really think we're gonna lose all four of those games? We lost to (what looks like) the best team in the league by three points. We've beat montreal before. Edmonton is playing worse than any other team at the moment. We don't need to play a losing team in order to win. It seems like every week the Cats win everyone talks about how great this team is going to be, then when they lose we have people predicting how bad the rest of their season will go. That said, it was a disappointing loss, but it's not like we didn't show up to play. killer instinct. :thdn:

Another 9-9 season. 5 more wins to come. Then to Winnipeg for semi. (Montreal will clinch 1st place)

Only variable: Buck Pierce. If he gets injured, Wpg defence cannot carry them all the way.

You must be new. My optimism is seriously wavering after decades of mediocrity. Optimism shouldn't be blinded by realism. Montreal is now rolling along like a well oiled machine. Calvillo is firing on all cylinders. Edmonton will get some of their injured receivers back by the time they play us again and Ray will then pick our secondary apart again. We've been 9-9 for the past two seasons which is exactly our current pace. Every year we have teams that look good on paper and players that have great years in the stats department but we always fail when it counts.

I say we win at home against Montreal, then lose in la belle province, then win the next two. So I am predicting a one game losing streak.

By the way my glass is almost always half full and not half empty. It's easier to be happy in life that way. If not happy in life why even try? :roll:

Hard to say on this prediction thing and I know I'm no good at it, as that's one of the reasons I pick the team (without said points) I feel (can win) and will help me in Big Daves pool. So thus for this topic I say come September 16th (just before) when Edmonton plays in Hamilton. There is no intent to upset anyone here in the Ti-Cat forum IMO.
Here are my projected records; Odss are highly in favour of Hamilton beating Edmonton at Ivor-Wynne.

Hamilton - 4-6
Edmonton - 6-4.

So you think the All Wets will win both against the Cats? While agreeing this is possible, I personally don't think it to be likely.

Will the EE receiving corps return for the next two games? Without Stamps, et al, RR has looked more human than before. Without decent receivers they will be in tough to win one of two against Calgary. Again while possible I personally don't think it to be likely.


Hamilton - 5-5
Edmonton - 5-5

Now with that said; there is a chance Calgary will win today to set up a huge game next week in Hamilton. If that's the case the hype for the game against Montreal will be one that we all will look forward to. Your prediction above looks to be a good one as well that could happen. The Esk's should have some injured players back for the return game in Edmonton. Lots of good input here in this forum and I don't post in here too often as I don't want to be a troll by no means.

This is what I love about being a CFL fan on these boards: We can all make out predictions civilly and with respect to each other. (I just wish that everyone could get along so well here).

Yes if Calgary lose today, Hamilton's season will essentially be no better than 3rd place this year unless we beat Montreal on Labour Day. HUGE implications.

All the best to your team, except on September 16. I still have fond memories of cheering "Eskie Wee Wee" in the 1996 Grey Cup game here in the hammer. :wink:

I made a mistake which is now edited in my post: I meant to say if Cakgary should win, the Hamilton game next week will be more (so) of a huge Hype. Sorry for my mistake and confusion.

This topic is too pessimistic! I was pulling for the TiCats last evening and, was very disappointed at the loss. Your offensive team looked very good, as did the offense. I would rate your team as having a really good shot at winning it all. Glen is playing well, you have some great receivers and, the defense was also good. I have never witnessed so many fluke plays as happened last evening. Errors, mistakes, penalties were responsible for the loss- essentially the team played very well but for a couple of unbelievable plays. I did not understand Porter's call at third and one when Porter dropped back to pass but was immediately hit. Was this a planned play designed to hopefully catch WPG off guard and hopefully secure a long gain? Did someone on the line miss a block or was some other reason for this unfortunate situation. I hope one of you fans will take the time to fill me in on this- I am still at a loss in comprehending what happened here! TiCats deserved a win!

If we don't win the next two it will 3rd place and out in the 1st round

Going to Montreal or Winnipeg will almost impossible to win

all the heads of Football Ops must Roll.

Pessimistic view in human nature. Oh well...........Rock on :cowboy: Good post Onknight.

Since it was second and short (not third), the Cats were trying a little razzle dazzle trying to catch the bummer's D napping. I'm pretty sure Porter was going to throw a pass to a hopefully open receiver. If not open he would have thrown the ball away and then done the QB sneak on 3rd down. Unfortunately Justin Hickman wasn't the best player to be blocking Willis, which lead to the sack and the kick on 3rd and long.

Onknight, you must be on crack. All the heads of football ops should role? What is wrong with you? You are so negative. We could win the cup and you would still find something to complain about. Do yourself a favor and don't post anymore because you make yourself look so bad. If you don't like the way things are then don't go to the games and don't follow the team. The only real thing that frustrates me about this team is some of the armchair coaches and GM's that come on here and want to fire this person and that person. Next thing we'll hear is that Glenn is too short and that's why we're not winning. Wait a minute, we did hear that on the Fifth Quarter last night. Some of these fans are just ridiculous.

:thup: :thup:

Are you sure your glass is only "half" full as you make this prediction? Second question: Has that glass maybe been filled and emptied a time or two immediately before this "half" fill-up in question? I'm not "happy in life" after last night's game but I am "trying" with a smile on my face as I question you.

  1. yes
  2. no

So you're glass is always half empty then? :cry:

I predict the Cats will win the back to backs against Montreal,beat Edmonton at home and be on such a roll that we run the table and finish 14-4,win the Eastern Final and then the Grey Cup against Calgary.