Predict How Many Wins We're Good For This Year?

Based on what you already know and I realize it's too early to really tell, but let's have some fun with this. Post specifically how many games you think we'll win as the options are only for a range of wins in the poll. Thank You.

I'm thinking we go 12-6 because of the improved attitude and coaching staff. Coach Taffe will not tolerate dumb penalties as well as Mr. Marshall did and that in itself should add at least 4 wins to the W column. The rest will come by sheer will and determination.

I'm with you guys...

12 and up baby...

UWO Gazette in London doesn’t think we’re going to be any good. I wonder if Greg Marshall has anything to do with this prediction. :wink:

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I would say 8 to 10 would be fair.
but who really knows..
That is why we play the game.

I just used a section of the London Gazette for toilet paper as I seem to have run out. Let me tell you it is fabulous for that use in a pinch! :thdn: :lol:

Good one Ticatsgrr8, I'll have to run copies of your post off and drop these at the UWO mailboxes next time I'm in London town. 8)

I'm thinking .500. 9 wns and a playoff run.

Do you think Charlie will be accept .500? I don't. I really don't. I think he's more of a perfectionist with higher standards than this. Besides if you want to see people more than happy with .500 just go down and watch the Blue Jays.

I was thinking about this a couple of days ago while listening to the Eskimos training camp report.

The number that came to my head was 11-7. Unfortunately I think that record will only be good enough for third place in the east. But it should be enough to hold off a crossover.

10-8 GO CATS GO :rockin:

Only 19 votes. Does anybody care?... :roll:

he might not accept it, but its not like he can get out there and play, so he's gonna have to

8 wins if we're lucky

I'm going to be conservative and say 7 wins... and that's good enough for me THIS SEASON so long as we sweep winnepeg and beat the argos on labour day.

I predicted 10-8 before camp even opened. I don't think anyone will run away with it this year I think all teams will be close. Montreal makes takes a step back the eggos, and us battle for 2nd. With the Peg on top.

Out West
Calgary, Sask, BC, Edmonton. BUt nobody runs away with it. Calgary wins the division at 11-7.

I disagree about a 11-7 record for third. The West is certainly not that weak! I think parity will break out across the league and 11-7 or 12-6 might be the top records in each division.

Oski Wee Wee,

Judging from reports by media sources on the Black and Gold game last Saturday, there is little reason to believe based on it's performance in the scrimmage that the offence is not equally as bad as it was last year. We just cannot get off to an 0-4 start again this year at any cost. Just a couple more weeks and we'll have our first taste. If Maas struggles again early on and can't orchestrate any wins, we should not hesitate to release or trade him. For me, it's his last kick at the can. It's put up or shut up.