Predict Esks 2006 starting lineup

brackets indicate back-ups


CB- Craver, R. Williams
HB- Durden, Brady
FS- Wiltshire
OLB- Winn, Garrett (Mobley)
MLB- Gass (Dalton)
DE- Braidwood, Collier
DT- Charbonneau, Issa


WR/SB- Tucker, Mitchell, Hervey, Gaylor, Woodcock(LeBlanc)
QB- Ray(Johnson, Jyles)
RB- Davis(Diedrick, McClendon, Bradley)
FB- Bertrand(Maurer, Dubuc)
O-line- Bakker, Comiskey, Carson, Kabongo, McGrath
K/P- R. Williams
Long snapper- Inglis
Kick returner- Tompkins

i disagree with only a few....singor will be a starting OLB Winn will be back up, and since R.Williams is a american kicker he will have to be ehads and tails better then sean flemming and rodney cant kick field goals. soy your not gott keep an americana punter and a canadian field goal kicker, and i dont think that sean is that bad of a punter pr field goal kicker that you have to screw up the balance of the american and canadian thing. but everythign else i think is dead on

After listening to the game and hearing how some players performed, I decided to edit a few of my predictions from the first post(and my first post was a little messy, without a 42 man-roster).
*= import
QBS do not count towards import roster

QB: *Ray, *Johnson, *Jyles
RB: *Davis, Diedrick, Bradley
FB: Bertrand, Maurer
SB: *Tucker, *Mitchell, *Gaylor
WR: *Hervey, Woodcock, Nowacki
OL: Bakker, Comiskey, Kabongo, McGrath, McLane, *Roundtree, Carson
DL: *Collier, *Alston, Fleiszer, Charbonneau, Braidwood, *Issa, Spencer
MLB: *Gass, *Dalton
OLB: *Mobley, *Winn
HB: *Durden, *Brady
CB: *Williams, *Craver, *Garrett
FS: Wiltshire, Loftus
K/P: Sean Fleming
KR: *Tony Tompkins
LS: Inglis

u couldnt anymore dead on..