Predict each team's final record

BC- 16-2
EDM- 12-6
CAL- 8-10
WIN- 7-11

TOR- 12-6
MTL- 10-8
OTT- 9-9
HAM- 1-17

sorry dude it cant happen your way you add up to 80 wins and 82 loses
It has to be 81 wins and 81 loses( if there are no ties)
Darn close though

dam... guess i miscoutned....

just give Montreal 10-8 :lol:

just did! :slight_smile:

cool but now ya gotta put then on top of Ottawa

You gave riders 6 more wins.
They only play the bombers 2 more times.They don't play Ti-cats again.
I say riders will be 4 -14.They should win next weeks game.Shouldn't they?
Go westwood Go!!!
I hate the bombers,however I sure love TROY!!!!

saskargo - Do math much? He gave the Riders three more wins.

Jm02 you bonehead.I gave them one more win.I never said they would beat the bombers 2 more times.

What are you talking about? You said esks gave the riders 6 more wins - that would put them at nine wins on the season, not six as he suggested. I'm not sure how else to take that comment, so how does that make me a bonehead?

OOps sorry bonehead, I just meant 6 wins.
That is my Saskatchewan inme.Can't add,can't write.
Grade 3 was the best 5 years of my life.

Good thing I teach high school then - you'd have dropped out long before that :smiley:

What is high school?
Are you my cousin?
That is Saskabush humor at best!!!!

Agree! :wink:


Edm over Cal
Mon over Ota

BC over Edm
Mon over Ton

Grey Cup: Mon over BC

1-BC- 14-4
2-Edmonton- 13-5
3-Calgary- 8-10
4-Winnipeg- 8-10
5-Saskatchewan- 6-12

1-Toronto- 12-6
2-Ottawa- 10-8
3-Montreal- 9-9
4-Hamilton- 2-16


Edmonton over Calgary 30-22
Ottawa over Montreal- 24-22

Edmonton over BC- 27-26
Toronto over Ottawa- 19-14

Grey Cup:
Edmonton over Toronto- 24-20

I think Edmonton can win it all, they easily have the talent. They just got to correct mental mistakes.

Can you explain how Edmonton plays BC in the cup :shock:

LMAO was gonna say the same thing

Cross over! COOL!!!

But this isn't 1981, so THAT isn't gonna hapen! Unless this was the AFL/VFL, there playoff system kinda has something simular to a CO in the playoffs.

No its not a crossover because he has Edm in second place. You have to be in 4th to cross over

Only thing I'd change is BC over Montreal.
(1) Montreal has trouble @ BC Place.
(2) Wally knows how to stop the Montreal Defense
(3) Don MAthews will be out of tricks by then