Predcitions for West and East

What are everyone's predictions of order of finish in the East and West???????

Here are my guesses:


  1. Hamilton - good qb, Corey Holmes will help ticats immeasurably, !!
  2. Montreal- older Als still have offence.
  3. Toronto- argos have good defence , but Damon is too old and Ricky Williams is not good for team chemistry.
  4. Winnipeg- Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless.


  1. BC Lions- Will start fast as always but disappear again in the playoffs
  2. Saskatchewan - tough d and healthy offence will make them very competitive. QB is the question mark - hoping Kerry Joseph can shine. due to shine in playoffs this year!
  3. Calgary- Should be competitive in every game.
  4. Edmonchuck- something is not right with the Esks- pre-season showed this in spades. If esks can get it together to fight for the last playoff spot they will be fortunate.
  • riders rule


  1. Hamilton(13-5)- additions of Maas, Holmes, Vaughn will do wonders for the offense. D is questionable
  2. Montreal(10-8 )- one of the best offences in the league w/ calvillo
  3. Toronto(8-10)- qb reliability could be a problem
  4. Winnipeg(5-13)- too many changes during off-season, d looks questionable


  1. Calgary(11-7)- young, well rounded team
  2. Edmonton(10-8 )- one of, if not the best defence in the league. offensive coaching scheme is questionable.
  3. Saskatchewan(9-9)- armstead and joseph will spark weak passing offence from last year
  4. BC(6-12)- dd is like glass and goes down early. o-line is questionable.


1-Montreal: Last year's #1 offense returns intact with the exception of Anderson replacing Vaughn. Defense toughened and rejuvenated with the addition of Haywood,Ellis,Acholonu,Romario,Sanchez and Cox.
Kicking game is as good as any in the league with Duval.
Middle Linebacker unproven.

2- Hamilton: Offense improved with the addition of Maas,Holmes,Ranek,Davis and Vaughn. Non Import receivers still below average or unproven.

Defensive line is one of the best in the league but Linebacker and defensive backs are still some of the weakest in the league. Kicking is still unproven.

3-Toronto: Lots of talent on offense with Allen, Soward,Baker,Johnson,Williams,Stokes and Avery.Offensive line lacks athletic abilities and Austin has never been able to balance an offense.

Defensive backs are some of the best in te league and Linebacking core punishing and dangerous.

Can Toronto make a team of this motley crew? Kicker wants out. Williams and Avery have to find a way to run the ball despite Austin and Oline, Allen has to stay healthy. There is a Tibetan Prince that just settled in Halifax maybe Cynabun man can hire him to bring harmony to the dome under the dome...

4-Winnipeg: Offense should improve. Glen has a year as a starter under his belt, the addition of Thurman and Johnson will force opponents to cover the field and the addition of Khan Should work.

Defense is strong at the linebacking position only, safety and cover guys are all makeshift or castoffs with the exception of Evans. Kicking game is one of the Worst in the league with the return of the Boxer/Actor/Singer and part time kicker Westwood...

Rookie head coach is a good one but there will still be a learning curve. Winnipeg should put up a fight in every game.

5-Ottawa: Remember the Renegades




BC 13-5 (DD starts 14-15 games)

Sask 10-8 (Receivers stay healthy)

Cal 8-10 (Not enough upgrades from 2005.)

Edm 8-10 (Perpetually overrated.)


Mtl 12-6 (More consistent than 2005.)

Ham 11-7 (Maas should be the difference.)

Tor 6-12 (2006 reminds me of 1992 for TO.)

Wpg 4-14 (Enough heart, not enough talent.)


Ham over Edm, Sask over Cal

BC over Sask, Ham over MTl

BC over Ham 31-21 in Grey Cup

winnipeg will be 2nd in the east right behind montreal.argos will be last cuz ricky williams is bad for chemistry

Keep on picking the Bombers to be in last place in the East, guys... I love it.


Hamilton: The addition of Maas and Cory Holmes will help them out

Montreal: Theyll be pretty much the same as last year.

Toronto: Damon Allen Is to old hes gonna get injured and then forced to retire.

Winnepeg: Well they couldent do any thing in the west and there not going to do anything in the east


Calgary: They were on a role at the end of last season.

Saskatchewan: The addditions of Kerry Joseph, Jason Armstead, Almondo Curry and now that Kenton Kieth is back to his old form we will have a great season

BC: DD is going to get injured.

Edmonton: Somethings wrong with them.

Play Offs:

SSK over BC Montreal Over Toronto

SSK over Cgy Hamilton over Montreal

      Grey Cup

SSK and Hamilton in a 1989 repeat winner:
Who knows

Good to see most people are giving the Ticats the credit they deserve (some perhaps a little more :wink: ); and good to see some Bomber fans still have plenty of faith in their own team.

Hard to make predictions having seen only two teams in pre-season, but here goes.

There's a lot more parity in the league this year, so I don't think any team will be 13-5, and I don't think any team will be 5-13. And though the rule is still in place, there will be no crossover this year.

Montreal 12-6
Hamilton 11-7
Toronto 8-10
Winnipeg 6-12

B.C. 11-7
Saskatchewan 9-9
Edmonton 8-10
Calgary 7-11

I have to disagree with HfxTC: Bobby Brooks is a huge addition to the linebacking corps, and will likely play on the inside, sliding Barrenechea to one of the outside spots. This will rank Hamilton's linebackers right up there with the best, and should be enough to keep Jason Maas & Company on the field for the greater part of most games.

It's unfortunate that I won't be able to see the Ticats until the Alouettes come here in Week 2. I'm not making the trip to Toronto, so I'll have to watch the game on TV...and the cameras will no doubt be focused on Ricky Williams picking his nose on the sideline when the Cats' offence is on the field.

People... the Bombers won 5 games last season! 5! Hello, this is a new team! New coach! New everything! We WILL win more than 5, 6, 7, or even 8 games.

And to pick the Ti-Cats with so many wins is pretty daring. Might aswell give the Bombers 18 wins and 0 losses then.

Doug Berry > Jim Daley. Remember that.

Actually, since Doug Berry has never been a head coach before,

Doug Berry = X

where X is an unknown value. Whether X > Jim Daley, or <, or =, is not known.

The only thing we do know is:

Kevin Glenn = Kevin Glenn

Remember that.


Edmonton..................Montreal or Winnipeg

this is THE hardest year to make predictions, IMO.

I'd pick Doug Berry over Jim Daley anyday. Just by the attitude of Doug gets my vote.

Kevin Glenn, I know, still has to prove but he's still our #1 guy. Mike Quinn, however, looks pretty darn good.

But I'll just wait for the Bombers to produce and gel on the field.


  1. Als. The defence is going to be dangerous again this year and the offence has shown the ability to be potent despite turnover every year. This season should be no different.

  2. TiCats. Hamilton may flip with Toronto depending on how effective their pass coverage is. While the offence looks to be 100% improved, D is still a question mark.

  3. Argos. Damon Allen is a great QB. He's also in his early '40s and quite fragile. If he goes down, so do the Argos. The retirement of Noah Cantor and Adrion Smith is going to affect the previously stellar defence more than people think.

  4. Bombers. On the right track, but Glenn hasn't convinced me that he is number-one QB material, and the defensive secondary is as porous as it was last year.


  1. Eskimos. They looked awful in preseason, but those games don't mean a thing. A full season with Troy Davis in the backfield should make Ricky Ray that much more effective.

  2. Lions. When healthy, Dickenson is the man. However, his O-line doesn't look like it will offer him any more protection this year. But B.C. still has a potent attack and the addition of Korey Banks should help their struggling secondary.

  3. Riders. Armstead gives Joseph instant chemistry on a new team and a deep threat on every snap. However, it remains to be seen if Joseph can be consistently effective week in and week out. Defence is as stingy as it ever was.

  4. Stampeders. All the pieces are there, but something about this team feels off this year. Defence is very good but slightly overrated, especially in its own mind, and Burris's streakiness could hamper them down the stretch.

sorta like the Edmonton Oilers, TONS of heart but less talent then the other teams.

Lots of the time heart goes further then skill.

The only team that I see that are going to be out of it early are the bombers--their defence will be tired by 5th or 6th game in, and that spells disaster.


  1. Calgary- despite being blown out in the final pre-season game, this team will excel and finish 1st
  2. BC- A healthy Dickenson for the year means they will challenge for 1st
  3. Saskatchewan- A better offence than last year, but 3rd is the best they will do.
  4. Edmonton- A lof of Eskimo fans will be in for a shock this year- this team doesnt look very good and it will show on the field.


  1. Hamilton- Mass, Ranek and Holmes will carry the offence and the D will be much better because they wont spend too much time on the field.
  2. Montreal- Calvillo will lead them to second place, but D is suspect.
  3. Toronto- Allen is long in the tooth and Williams still has to get used to the CFL game-it may take him awhile.
  4. Winnipeg- No starting QBs, Glenn is a back-up at best- going to be a loooooooong season in the Peg.

Sambo....I like your picks but with a slight change


BC....DD stays healthy and BC dominates this season
Cal...about the same as last season
Sask...also about the same as last season
Edm....I just think they will tumble this season


Mon...just too much offense to stop
Wpg...there defence is laden with vets and it will show
Ham...good offense but defence is a question
Tor...they are just too old at key positions now..


  1. HAMILTON [a CFL all star team with a coach that knows the Canadian game]

  2. TORONTO [may be starting to look long in the tooth , but they still have allot of talent. TORONTO plays HAMILTON 4 times]

  3. MONTREAL [Getting much older , but JIM POPP always finds new talent : Hey , DON , Winnipeg cut their suspended NFL player : are you interested?
    I think that MATTHEWS will whare out his welcome in MONTREAL ,this year]

  4. WINNIPEG [Oh boy , you moved from 1 tough division to another. With a vastly improved HAMILTON , THE ARGOS , and MONTREAL you could look like you are standing still]



  1. B.C. [last year was a disappontment , but they still have a solid team]

  2. SASK. [have all of those missing paces but have to remain healthy. If they do , they can challenge B.C. for first place , again]

  3. EDMONTON [winning a second GREY CUP is almost impossible , and most teams will be gunning for them because they are the CHAMPS. Usually , I would have put them first because they won the CUP , but the other teams have improved just so much. BUT never count EDMONTON out.]

  4. CALGARY [In a very tough division , and still don't have ALL the missing places. They will be fighting with EDMONTON for the 3rd play off spot]


Again as in the past , injuries could change everything. I think that in many cases 1 point will seperate many teams at the end of the season. :thup:

:lol: :lol:

i find it so funny when ppl keep say bombers will suck because of kevin Glenn..... u guys will see what kevin can do this season

You think you got it bad my team won the GC two of the past three years and now "something's wrong" with them...hey at least they had a good run if it's true.