Prechae Rodriquez Playing Again

8) I was just watching some of the Arena League game tonight between the Tampa Bay Storm and the New Orleans
  Voodoo, and to my surprise I found that Prechae is now playing for the Tampa Bay Storm.

  The announcers actually mentioned that he had spent the last 4 years in the CF, mainly with Hamilton.

   Another ex Hamilton connection is on the coaching staff there.  Former TiCat Head Coach John Gregory (91-94),
   is the Storm's new Offensive Coordinator.  Gregory is now 74 !!  Amazing.

Did you see Prechae get smoked near the end of the 4th Q? Talk about dirty hits by the N.O. safety. Helmet on helmet… and I don’t believe there was even a flag thrown. Nice to see Prechae eventually walk off the field.

big Play Prechae :roll: at least he is still a player and catching the pigskin ..... :cowboy: Arena when is that on TV and what channels ?

It's really a shame what happened to Prechae, he just wasn't the same after that knee injury. Oh well, I wish him well.

It's too bad the way things worked out but I have to say i'm very excited to have Bakari Grant as our vertical threat.IMO he's the next Jeremaine Copeland and the addition of Cope as WR's coach only further makes me excited for the season.

Don't know if it is a regularly scheduled thing.... I caught it on the NFL Network. Wouldn't have noramally tuned in to Arena football (it's NOT football... really!), but they were showing a replay and I caught a glimpse of the Rodriquez name on a jersey. Curiousity got the better of me as I had to see if it was Prechae... and it was. I had to stick around to see how he compared in that league. Believe it or not... he was one of the better receivers on the field.