Prechae Rodriguez

My opinion is that Prechae is a serious disappointment.

I would trade him straight up to get Berman back from Hamilton, that is how useless Prechae is right now.

I hope he proves me wrong but so far . . .

  1. Prechae doesn't even try to catch the ball if he has to leave his feet.
  2. He doesn't run his patterns properly.
  3. He will not play if any contact is made by the defender.
  4. He has shown nothing impressive so far this year.
  5. He was the one Rider that had a chance in the MTL game during the last play's hail mary and all he did was stand there watching the contact the Als try to get the ball.

Send him home. I don't even care where he goes or what we get for him. Shuffle our receivers and keep Prechae on the bench as a back-up that has to run for coffee during team meetings and carry bags for the vets on the team. Just keep him off the field.

I agree that he's in no where near the same league as the rest of our receivers when it comes to fighting for the ball. What I have seen is a lot of natural ability, and he is slowly coming around. You can tell in his body language he's starting to buy into the team, we have a great group of guys and it's growing on him. I'd give him a few more weeks to see if he improves, he is that big body that we need to compliment guys like Bagg and Dressler.

The one thing that really gets me mad, is when there's a defender close to him and he has a chance at the ball and he gives up and tries to complain to the official for the flag. I absolutely can't stand when receivers do that.

Yeah, he sells for the interference more than anybody in recent memory.

I agree, we should probably keep him for a while just to see if he plans on sucking it up anytime soon.

I disagree when you say he is coming around, he is getting more painful to watch each game.

Don't worry, there will be receivers brought in from NFL camps and if Prechae doesn't "Get the lead out", he will on the sidelines.

The thing that makes me the most upset is that he will not block, there were a couple plays where he could have thrown a block to help break the ball carrier but he doesn't. I also don't understand why in that BC game they continually threw to him in the 1st half when it was evident after that 1st long bomb that he would not try for a ball that doesn't fall into his lap.

I really hope he does come around, we need a taller threat other wise there gonna double cover some of our speedyer and smaller guys, I don't think it's a matter if he's good enough it's just how hard he actually tries, but the one thing I do like about him is that when he gets the ball he razzle dazzles around people and tries to make more than whats given to him, he's a good weapon we just have to use him more.

yes, there is definite signs that this guy is being a bad receiver.

he has little drive.. his emotion seems to be less than the rest of the guys.

he is another Darryl Hobbs.

No, I don't think so. Besides, this is Thryllin trying on a new personality, so take all of this with a grain of salt. He went from a brought to tears superfan to a hate-em-all mr. negative in the time it took him to register a new username. How he would have any clue what Prechae's routes are on any given play, let alone whether he's running them correctly, is beyond me.

Anyway, 3 games ago, many of the criticisms were more true, but he seems to be coming along. He had a nice run on a hitch against BC where he broke 2-3 tackles and fought for yardage. Clearly the response of the other receivers shows they want him to succeed.

As well, he gets behind guys. DD missed him against both Mtl. and BC on bombs that were TD's if they were accurate. He's young enough, with enough shown that they won't do anything drastic. They may bring in some import WR's (and they should, regardless of Prechae's performance) but don't expect a change in the 42 man roster anytime soon.

And Thryllin, your old personality was WAY less annoying.

Is there an operation that we can get to have PR's knees removed, and installed on Matt Dominguez? If so, let's just go ahead and get that done.

Wouldn't transplanting MD's brain be easier?

I say lighten up on Prechae Rodriguez. We need to allow him and Durant to develop some chemistry. And these things take time. I think Prechae is doing better than both Adarius Bowman and Johnny Quinn were.

Bowman just didnt' have that Killer attitude, he liked to take it easy and only played when he felt like playing..

I really liked Johnny Quinn, he had that clutch 3rd down catch against the Stamps last year. And he scored the tying TD against the Lions at the end of the year as well. It’s too bad he got hurt, he had great hands and seemed to get open in the limited time he was on the field.

If he couldn't play ahead of Gerran Walker, he couldn't be that good.

Do the Riders cut Prechae and bring in Armstrong?

Why, are we low on 30-something receivers with fat contracts and chronic knee problems?

Mitchell Blair made a comment about Prechae that is posted on his blog:

Interesting perspective.

After 2008, he sucked.That happens to players sometimes.It's too bad, if he could play every year like he played in '08, he'd be well on his way to becoming a straight up all-star and future HOF.Nicolson does an okay job, bout as useful as Rodriguez but at least he's Canadian :slight_smile:

It's the Mo Mann and AB3 show now.

I know it's not hockey but remember how lazy Mario Lemieux was when he first started? Ride it out. We have something special here. He has no attitude problem or super ego - he just needs to grow up as a competitor. Obviously his talent out-strips his competitiveness.... for now. A good coach will find a way to push the right buttons. Use Durant and Dressler and whoever to get him to buy in and get a break-out game and see if he likes going to the well again after tasting success. Patience does not cost us anything right now with the offense that we already have.