Prechae Rodriguez.... now a Rider, in exchange for Adam Nicholson, and a 2011 3rd round pick. Hamilton's site also reports them getting the rights to a neg list player, Riderville is silent regarding the neg list player, so read what you will into that.

With or without the neg list player, Prechae will be a big upgrade over Walker at the boundary WR spot - a young MD - big and rangy.

Anyway, this is Taman's first real deal as our GM....I give it a thumb's up.

The Riders receiving corps will enter TC as the best in the league.

wicked happy with this trade.

I am not a Nicolson fan, but I always felt Rodriguez could be a big player if he was on the right team.

Welcome to Riderville Prechae.

Wonder who gets 85....McKoy or Prechae?

DD will be happy....a big body to throw to on the outside. We were a bit smurf-like at the WR spot.

Good work Taman. Great trade. We have a surplus of Canadian receivers and need a big goto wideout.

We now have both 2008 Rookies of the year.

Absolute Awesome move by Taman.

Rodriguez is an Instant deep threat, smart ,young, great hands , 6'5" -208..........list goes on.

Nicholson has potential,but, didn't grasp the game as quickly as Rodriguez has.

sign DD to an extension, before he throws for 5000

Agree…good pick up. But I have to say that I’m somewhat surprised our scouting department hasn’t been able to come up with some sort of substantial similar (size, speed, catching ability) import wide receiver…I’d have thought they’d be as readily avail as import running backs. Yes, Dressler has been awesome but maybe a bit small (height) to be that true stretch-the- field dependable threat we’ve been missing. All that said this should be that guy.

If they're that big and can run, they only get up here because of a significant deficiency, otherwise the NFL gobbles them up.

Bowman came here because of a weed bust in college, which scared the NFL away (ironic, but whatever). Prechae, if memory serves, played very little college ball, and thus was very raw coming up here...and still is, to a large degree.

Small import WR's are easier to find because the NFL is far more likely to pass them by.(which is why we had lots of them)

Good move to get a big body(with speed) on the outside. I thought maybe we would use a Canadian reciever or 2 to grab a DE. I still expect some type of move to bring a guy or 2 into camp.

Rodriguez is the complete package,NFL caliber.........Swervin Mervyn Fernandez caliber.

Bowman, the jury is still out with him.

Glad to have Prechae on our side. That probably means the end for Gerran Walker. Would be interesting to see who the neg list player was.

I think the jury is still out on Rodriguez too. He had a great first year and a sub par 2nd. Bowman had the opposite.
Lets not christen this guy the answer to all our woes yet

I agree, I guess this means what it means for Walker. Prechae may be outstanding in greens. Good move!

Obie said it was a KR. No names yet, where do you find a current neg list? I guess with Dorsey and Armstead, no foreseeable needs for a KR.

Nicholson is the same build and player type as Fantuz, Clermont, and Getzlaf.
This trade gives him an opportunity to play -- something he wouldn't get in Sask.

Tillman put his faith in Chris Jones and Bam Childress last year at WR -- and they both failed so miserably that he had to resort to his backup plan in Gerran Walker.

Now that we have Armstead, Rodriguez and Bagg at WR, I think our recieving corps got a major upgrade this year over last.

Rodriguez is definitely a good receiver.What you'll find with him though is yes he make's spectacular catches, but no he does not use his speed very well and route running isn't his forte.Running in a straight line seems to work for him though.Also, i've never seem him break a tackle, but hey it could happen.Once he get's those mitt's on the football however, that's usually all she wrote.I like the size and potential of Nicolson, the 3rd rounder in 2011 should come in handy, I believe we gave ours away in the Bruce trade or some other trade, and according to Obie the key to this trade was the neg. list player who's supposedly a VERY highly rated KR, and not sure about his receiving.Both team's were just looking to unload unneeded depth and both have greatly improved for it.Great trade :thup:


Only really stand-out KR I've seen on the Rider horizon.

Just throwing it out there and starting a rumor.

According to Perry Lefko, the player is Chris William's, small but extremely dangerous.

I agree with 15. As a Cat fan I see this as one of those trades good for both teams. PR would end up - at best - as #3 on the 'Cat depth chart due to our trade to get Mann. He complements what you have.

Nicholson gives us a needed NI to push our current group and there's speculation about the negotiation rights player being the real target.

Good for everybody--- The best trades do this. Nicely done all around.

Chris William's is 5'7", 170 lb's, runs a 4.28, has a 39" vertical jump, specialty is KR but is also a WR.
I like, I like :slight_smile:

4.28. What's he run on Nitrous.

If he is the neg guy I hope he works out for you..........kinda.