Prechae Rodriguez???

Hi, I was just wondering what is the status on Prechae cause he played in Winnipeg and is clearly one of our starters, just wondering why James was in when Prechae played last week, wondering if he's okay, and if he is likely to be starting next year, I'm really worried that James will take over Prechae, even though Prechae is way more solid. Hope someone can help me would be greatly appreciated. I also want to say awesome story on Cobb wish we could've used him more, and Bauman great job today, made me think you should be back.

Lets Get em next year Ticats

FYI, James was awesome today, I know he had over 100 yds. and made some outstanding plays. Not sure about PRod, maybe he has the flue?
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oh no dude not saying James wasn't awesome I was at the game today, but lets be serious Prechae is better.

I am sure there is room on the team for both. Right now we have McDaniels still learning but doing very well, James, PCha, stala, Chris B, Bruce. Hope I am not leaving anyone out. Bottom line 430+ yds & 27 points is enough to win most games. I think they will only improve as a group. I believe with the double coverage of Bruce every game it opens up things that were not there earlier in the yr.
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Don't be Surprise if Ticats Try to Trade the Big Man..
I hope I am Wrong but He Seem to Fallen out Favour with the Offence.

Onknight: I'm thinking the exact same thing. He will not be back next year. Ticats are going for speedy receivers, not big tall slow guys who can get jump balls. It was an interesting experiment that could have worked but I think the team is going in a different direction.

But don’t forget that an offense that doesn’t move the ball for 3 quarters and eeks out field goals instead of TDs isn’t going to win too many games.

Stats are great but they don’t tell the whole story. The offense wasn’t moving the ball, we had 6 points at the half. In the regular season vs Winnipeg, Porter was pulled in favour of Glenn for the same thing.

As for Prechae, I think he’s going to be a big player for us next year. This year he was double teamed a lot before Bruce got here and had some injury problems.

He has 6 1/2 months to rest up for training camp and he’ll be good for 2010!

Glenn threw for 437 yards, led the team to a great come back and tied the game with less than a minute and that included a two point conversion. (I believe Porter's best passing game this year was 266 yards.) Glenn did not lose this game, if anything it was our defence that let us down in overtime.

Like I said, I don't think Prechae will be back with the Cats last year. I hope he is but I think Drissan James just won the starting job unless they nab another great receiver in the off season.

Yards mean nothing when you are putting up FGs instead of TDs. We didn't move the ball at all during the first 3 quarters.

If you start with the ball at your own 20, move it to their 30 and kick a field goal, that still counts as moving ball 60 yards but you are only getting 3 points. Point is, yards don't have any relation to points.

More yards and less points usually means a poor return game as you have longer fields to work with.

I have to admit I wasn't thrilled to see PR standing down under the endzone. I hate to say it, but Tom might be right. They don't seem to be using PR and I really can't see how he could be happy about that. It may not work out for him here which is really unfortunate.

Bad move to drop those guys. we need to make some moves but we better be very careful what moves we make. :wink: Think of those guys playing for the Bummers beating our ass.

True. Stats are only a way of estimating preformance, and are next to meaningless against solid points.

I wonder if he is seriously injured?

I don't think he is. I believe that they chose to sit him because of the ratio in order to start Ebell or at least I read that somewhere.

One of two imports (#85 or #11) had to sit out to get Ebell in and the coaches' chose to play James.

I think the real problem is we don't have a running game once we get past the 10 yard line. Our line needs to play better in the red zone and we need a power-runner to get us those tough yards if we're going to be stringing together long drives like we did this season. Until we fix those two problems the offense will continue to be garbage in the red zone. Period.

Look at the big picture as far as not moving the ball. For starters, you don't throw for 430 yards and not move the ball. Not getting TD's is big, but BC didn't either...McCallum was 4/4 for FG's. The defense wasnt as good as it needed to be, and we couldn't run the ball consistently enough to do anything. To say this game is on Glenn is simply wrong. He willed us to OT and IMO made a play to Cobb who had room before he was down.
How many drops did WR's have yesturday? Once again to open the game there seemed to be 3 drops on the first 4 drives to kill us. Also not being able to convert on 2nd and 3 is unreal and its sad how often it happened to the team this year.

We lost the game. Again it was not about the QB. The defense plays well and we win almost every game. When they don't we lose every game. Pretty simple

Is this because Prechae is still hurt somewhat and they decided well lets see, or is it we think James is better certaintly hope not, P Rod has way better hands James has had some really questionable drops this year.

Prechae has not had a good year. He was terribly inconsistent prior to his injury. The Cats found a replacement that was having success. Tough to mess with a winning formula. Tough to lose a job thru injury. Unlike the Beverage injury this one is no clear cut