I 'm not here to bash this kid but he has gotten better as a reciever and will be one of the best in the league .Maybe next year . but he has to work on his downfield blocking for the running backs . I cannot remember which running back had the ball but he might have gotten alot more yards on a run if only prechae would have blocked 2 calgary defenders who were together but he didn't seem to know what to do. it would have given the back the corner and alot of positive yards

Would you marry a Playmate if she did not keep a tidy house?????

Take Prechae and his athletic catches when they come and leave the blocking for the big-hogs......and the house-keeping for the maid :wink:

Hey black and gold leave the blocking to the big guy's . you really know alot about football because great recievers need to block downfield to be a team player . they have to work when the don't get the ball otherwise they are only out for themselves . what i was refering to was if he had made that block the running back could have made it to the house and big plays win games.for ex. Hines ward of pittsburgh steelers has made an art of this

Um... The guy's still learning the game...

[quote]Would you marry a Playmate if she did not keep a tidy house?????[quote]

I'm not sure if either qualifies to be the major reason to marry.... but the clean house lasts a lifetime while silicone degrades.

he only needs 30 yds for 1000 yd season

give the man some respect

If you read this first post i did give him some respect but to be a complete reciever you have to learn how to block

He threw a really nice block on a td against mtl that I think davis got on a rac. Prod didnt exactly lay the guy out but he got in his way and got enough of him that our player was able to take the pass into the endzone. i remember it at the time and was waiting for the announcers to make mention of it but they didnt.

He’s a (former) basketball player. He must know how to set a post.
Basics - get in the way of somebody on the other team and don’t clip.

So let me get this straight Prechae is not "a complete receiver" because he couldn't block 2 players at the same time?...

I guess there just isn't enough to complain about around here lol :roll:

It is hard enough for our 5 man O-Line to block a 3 and 4 man rush. Now we are resorting to worrying about a receiver who couldn't block 2 players at once... this topic is a joke right???

Pick, not post.

He must know how to set a pick if he plays basketball.

And if he does not, talk to Printers.....he throws enough of them.

Double post.

you mean double pick. :wink: