Prechae Rodriguez

First post here on the forum.
HI everybody.

Im going to make my first post about Prechae Rodriguez. my oh my what a reciever, 155 yards tonight. Its a mystery to me how he stayed on the Practice Roster for 3 weeks. 6,5! I could see more jump balls being thrown his way.

big catch last week & two more big catches tonight.
He really looks like a keeper to me. He's been one of maybe 3 brightspots on this team so far this year.

Keep it up kidd.

Yes, he might be the medicine the doctor ordered.

How the ball on the final play didnt go to him is beyond me... throw it up to 6'5 and make a play... much better than Woodcock in double coverage.... but oh well.

I agree.
I was expecting a back of the endzone jump ball with Prechae, but intead he ran a crossing route. dumbdumbdumb.

Yes PR had another great game... Now if we can just keep getting him the ball...

You're telling me.

Not only is he 6-foot-5, but the man can jump. Also it appears he can catch too. (at least tonight anyways)

Great game for him....hopefully he turns out to be the stud we're looking for. We haven't had one in a long time.

can’t wait till they use him on the fade route in the back of the endzone on an under sized cornerback. Well with the recent play calling I might be waiting awhile.

I agree one of the very few bright spots on a team on a downward spin...............

Knowlton: Good observation and welcome to this forum which to say the lively!
My only concern is that this coaching staff will do to him what they have done to Jesse and Zeke.

Unfortunately, it's not a mystery to me. I still quetion our coaching staffs ability to evaluate talent. Bradley sat on the bench most of last year after he came off the injured list.

PR was amazing out there and he's definately an asset to this team. He made it look easy. And there was one former ticat who definately didn't like PR last night. :wink:

You two Remember He played Football Very Little until 2 years ago.
He played auburn university that's it.
He has tons of Talent and was a Basketball Player there.
He was ask to come out for football Team.

Making the Switch to Football
He had to learn how be a CFL WR.
so a few weeks on PR Did him some good.

Some links you may enjoy

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We were losing anyway so whether he learned in the game or on the PR doesn't seem to make much difference.

well we were only 1-2 when he was activated from the practice roster. and considering he had only a few years experience of playing the game of football, the practice roster probably did make a difference.

If Chae-Rod was here and ready he should have been playing right away. Its not rocket science, you run your route and catch the ball. If he has two years as a reciever i think he can pick up the ticats playbook pretty quick. run two yards, curl, catch the ball.
It was really nice to see him go up and get those passes. It was all good body position and athleticism that made those plays. They werent pretty passes. I noticed when edmonton gets down to our forty or so they go for the kill with a deep pass at least once every damn time. I like that go for the throat approach and with chae-rods size he should win more battles than he loses. The last play of the game is a mystery, the coaches should be in obies office explaining that one.

Like I said - I am not confident about this coaching staff.
If you recall in 1 of the videos, Taffe said he is glad about getting coaches with CFL experience, because now he can concentrate on his job, and make the right coaching decisions.
Well - he still can't coach. Or at least he is trying to outsmart the opposition, & is only outsmarting himself.
How you don't make Rodriges the go-to guy in the endzone is beyond me, considering he owned the Eskies.
But then again, knowing Taffe, he probably thought that THEY thought it should go to Rod, and fooled them with a pass to Woodcock.
Boy - what a fool...
The next game is with Montreal, & I guarentee you now- they will smoke us.
So, this would make us 1-5. which at this rate, would vitually put us out of the playoffs by Labour day.
I don't know why i bother, but i already bought my Labour Day tickets - win or lose.
I will predict this, however. If the Ticats are 1-8 by Labour day, coach Taffe is gone...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

All game, my son kept saying how Rodriguez reminded my son of Randy Moss, and then he started coming down with those jump balls.

He definitely looks like a possible go to guy. Probably no one will be able to outjump him but let's not make "jump ball to Rodriguez" our go to play, please. That's a sign of desperation and it won't take long for teams to triple team him. However, he does look like he has alot more tools than that. To have only played football for 2 years and make a pro team is amazing. He's got oodles of potential only time will tell if he can convert it into results. We may have uncovered two good rookies in Mitchell and Rodriguez as future mainstays of the receiving corps. Mitchell is a possession guy, and we need a big play guy. Maybe Rodriguez is it.

he has looked amazing these last 2 games. great speed and good hands, he should be getting a deep ball at least 3 times a games.

Yeah, that's all there is to playing receiver. Normally I like what you post Beet... but you fumbled the ball on this one.

Rodriguez has all the physical tools to be a force in the league from what I can see. He’s a little like Randy Moss except he doesn’t have a true breakaway gear. What he is would be akin to a Ron Ingram or Matt Dominguez type who can get upfield and jumpball over defenders. He is definitely a keeper if developed well!

Oski Wee Wee,