Prechae Rodriguez VIDEO!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm back and I bring with me a NEW VIDEO!

Prechae Rodriguez aka East Division’s Most Outstanding Rookie aka Possible CFL Most Outstanding Rookie(He deserves it).

Once you have watched the video, I have set up a poll so you can vote on which highlight you liked the most...


One Handed Sideline Catch vs. Montreal. :wink:

What he said.

also. what he said (one handed sideline catch against montreal)
but so many fabulous catches!!! what a keeper!!!
( ... also, didn't richie look way good on this video?)

crazy video
and i have to agree with everyone else... one handed catch

The one handed catch against Montreal is a highlight for the ages.

Great video. Thanks ffor making it.

Nice vid!

GBonds88 Great work my friend.

A lot of great plays to choose from. I went with the one hander.

I’m glad everyone likes it, I love making them.

I would have made it longer, by adding EVERY catch he made this season but I hardly have any time, working nights full-time takes up pretty much all my time now lol. If I wasn’t working(like before) I would have made one HUGE video of every catch.

Well anyways I’m off to bed now LOL.

Great video.

Watching the catch versus Winnipeg at 1:40 of the video, I was struck by what a sweet throw that was by Printers. There were a few really good throws by Cat QBs in this video (and some not-so-good throws), but that one jumped out at me. Thrown a long way downfield on a fairly low trajectory and perfectly on target. Overall it wasn't a good game for Casey, but that throw by itself is evidence the talent is still there. Obviously protection was a positive factor on that play.

I really hope the Cats don't dump Printers prematurely. As Obie has said, the issue at quarterback has been consistency. I hope one of our QBs can definitively seize the starters job next year, whether it's Printers, Porter, or someone else.

pretty ok. the only one that was really a highlight is the one-handed catch. try to get some with him running after catching the ball too. almost every one was him catching and getting tackled.

also - and this is not just to you, but to everyone who makes sports highlight videos - leave the original commentary in. no music will ever replace the excitement of commentary on sports highlights.