Prechae released from roster

According to CFLdaily on twitter...
Under performer through and through since the '08 season.
The same will likely be happening to Mo Mann if he doesn't shape up soon..

Personally I wish Prechae had not been released. I think he had a lot to contribute to the Riders if he had been utilized properly. IMHO Doug Berry is the problem and not Prechae.

I would have liked to see Prechae used differently as well. There's probably more to this than we know. Every time I've been to a Rider game this year I see Durant and all of the receivers sitting on one bench and Prechae sitting by himself on the other bench. It's possible he just wasn't fitting in with the rest of the guys. It's unfortunate as I still think the Riders need a wide receive with his athletic ability.

they don’t need another receiver. they have them already. Sisco is one, Getzlaf is another

You are right - I had forgot about him being on the practise roster. It will be exciting if we can work him into the offense.

Hopefully Sisco does well. I don't really think Getzlaf should be playing wide receiver.

Agreed LadyGreen,I also believe Getzlaf is better suited to the slot position.

Agreed. Getzlaf doesn't have the breakaway speed to be effective at WR. He's much better suited to being a physical Lewis-type possession slotback who can make tough catches in traffic.

I just had a fun "in hindsight" moment. So, It's been pretty obvious that Rodriguez has been on thin ice for a while - if not officially with the club then certainly with some fans. Then I think back and remember to the bye-week and an article on here that was talking about how Prechae stuck around Regina and was working on his chemistry with Durant. Prechae "felt he (Prechae) was doing a lot better". In hindsight, I'm guessing that's around the time that the Riders had put him on notice. It's a shame it took so long for the Riders to act on it though.

Glad to see the princess gone. He would never fight for a ball to help his QB out, and he often ran to the wrong spot and interfered with other receivers routes.

The only shame is that he was released instead of traded. We could have used a good young O Lineman in his place.

he sorta reminds me of Darryl Hobbs,

anyone remember that guy?