Prechae Probable for Sunday

I apologize if it's already been posted or discussed but I've been meaning to post this and it slipped my mind.

When I asked Bellefeauille about Prechae Rodriguez's status for Sunday, he responded with "probable".

Prechae told me himself at the Argo's game that he couldve been playing for weeks if he was needed but they were being cautious.

With the emergence of McDaniel and the consistency of both Stala and Bruce, Prechae adds a whole new dimension to the offense -- particularly in the red zone.

Prechae on one side and Bruce on the other is an absolute matchup nightmare for a defensive gameplan.

This is great news.... just another weapon to throw at the Bombers!!

would be great to see him back in the lineup for the season finale and the playoffs. As already stated, when it comes to red-zone coverage it would be a pick your poison scenario between Prechae and Bruce. And if that don't work you still have shifty Deandre "corn " Cobb who has a great ability to find the endzone. Especially from about 8-9 yards away which is odd