Prechae Now An Argo

8) Former TiCat receiver Prechae Rodriguez has signed with the Argos.
   He was released by Edmonton yesterday.

   The Argos will be Prechae's 5th team in the CFL since he left Hamilton.  He also has been with Sask. and Montreal.

    He must like travelling a lot.  At least he is seeing lots of Canada during his playing career.    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

What happened to his once promising career?

Prechae had over 1,000 yards receiving in his rookie year as a TiCat and then disappeared.

How can you be finished at only 26 years old?

He looked horrid last week with Edmonton.

His attitude is what happened to his promising career.

He's soft and whiny.

He's not he was picked up by Toronto - one thing for certain though he will NEVER win rookie of the year again.

markhmasters Mark Masters
WR Prechae Rodriguez says he had a dream in the off-season where he joined the #Argos; 'I really think it was destined' #CFL

markhmasters Mark Masters
#Argos WR Prechae Rodriguez: 'I’m caught in the system & right now I feel like this is it right here. This is the last team.' #CFL

He should fit right in there...

Maybe he could dream the winning lotto numbers and give them to me.

He shouldn't sell himself short. He's still got 3 teams to go. 4 if he hangs around until Ottawa starts up.

I think that he may want to keep those numbers for himself. He's probably gonna need them.

Prechae has Tallest but no work ethic

just another one year wonder it happens all the time in our lifes

Sometimes players appear bigger and better than they are because the media picks up on them. Preachie was one of those guys. No matter where he played he was getting mention in broadcasts and media. Sure he got 1000 yards his rookie season, but with 18 games any half decent receiver should get that.

Good player bad work Ethic and has a temper.

our Wr are 10 Times better then Prechae