Prechae Injured...or Next to Go?

Looking at the roster for the Calgary game Prechae isn't even listed, neither as a starter nor a back up. Has he been put on the IR? I know he had a minor injury last week but he did return. I have a feeling they are "evaluating" Currie and Prechae is on the bubble, as Davis was. It would make sense to me if that is their thinking, not that I agree with it, but Davis has played better than Prechae this year. prepared in the next couple of weeks for the headline, "Ti-Cats Release Prechae Rodriguez."

Indeed to be honest it wouldn't be a surprise. Obie clearly wants to change receiving corps.

pfft! if they release Rodriguez then they've really gone insane. He's injured and will probably play next week. Airese Currie is taking his place for now.

If they were to release Prechae, I would have to say, that would be one of the Ti-cats worst moves in a very long time. Prechae has not played bad, or poorly by any stretch of the imagination. Correct me if I am wrong, but has he not caught almost every pass that came his way, and also gets a couple yac yards to boot. Prechae is a wide receiver, and I dont think he has had many routes longer than 10 - 15 yards. Prechae is covered way to well to have him run these short routes, so he must go long to make the jump ball. To bad they play calling isn't seeing him go long very often. Now that we have AB3, when the call is to go long, we seam to make the play to AB3 more often than not, which is not a bad decision at all mind you. To say that Prechae has been playing poorly, or out played, is just wrong. To release him would be a terrible decision. Prechae is a legitimate deep threat, and we need that, and its a luxury to have two legitimate deep threats in AB3 and Prechae!

Prechae isn't a bona fide deep threat IMO. He isn't outrunning people he's out fighting them. His play has been very streaky. He sure stands out when the ball is thrown his way but too often he's not getting open. Is that all his fault? Probably not,but the fact is he's not the threat he should be. I'd hate to lose him but to me he's a number 2 option at the wide out and Bruce should be playing inside so we really need to upgrade there. Baumann will never be a number 1 option deep so either we change the ratio and get someone to replace Baumann with more speed or we look at Prechae. Its not that he's not a good player, he just doesn't fit out needs under the current ratio setup

Going into this year I predicted PRod's production would fall off. Partly sophmore jinx, league adjusting to his game, lack of experience, and play calling not suiting his assets are all contributing to a second season drop off. If we threw more fade routes to him I'm willing to bet his numbers would rise.

8) Don't you even bother to read earlier posts on this forum, or the Spectator !!
 I reported this morning, according to the Spec, that Prechae was not going to play tomorrow night.

 YES, he has been placed on the IR List, and Currie is taking his spot  !!!!

Not everyone has the spare time to do the research you do. If you can't answer someone's question respectfully then how about passing on it altogether?

8) Since you are still intent on carrying on your personal crusade against me, I feel that I must ask you,
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 Was it because you were caught in your own little game, and made to look rather foolish  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 A classic example of the pot calling the kettle black !!!

No way is he on the bubble, teams roll their coverages his way every game which opens up allot on the opposite side for everyone else. Teams will not allow him single coverage on deep routes, ever. You dont cut someone who demands that kind of attention each game.

None Since This Kid was East Rookie of year and Runner up for CFL Rookie of the year.
He'll be back .The Team wants to look at some other WR
The Up Coming Expanding of our Practice for NFL Cuts is Oct 1st .

I think he brings a lot of talent to the table but I don't know much about him after that. I hope his injury isn't too serious.

It is nothing personal. If you feel the need to unfairly criticize others then I feel the need to call you on it.

The mods must have removed my post in the Davis thread. Perhaps they don't like me referencing that other site (although some members here advertise it in their signatures). I'm not sure how you find my observations foolish or hypocritical.

If you are going to dish it out you should be prepared to get some back.

p.s. Mean people suck. How about just being respectful of your fellow fans and we can move on. K?

Prechae has talent we haven't even used yet, he's one of the top receivers in the league and Obie knows it. :thup:

8) If it is nothing personal, then I would suggest that if you are going to carry on with your little crusade,
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 Check out the "Porter To Start Friday" topic for example.  The people who call out a certain member,
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 That in my opinion is going way below the belt in terms of common decency !!

 Oh, and don't worry about me, I can take it back just as well as I can dish it out, as you state  !!!

  You are right about one thing...mean people do suck !!!    <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I don't have time to check all the postings on a daily basis. However, I have defended that certain member in the past. Again, it's nothing personal; I just call them like I see them. Ask Zontar if you don't believe me.

Common ground! Let's move on. Remember, it's easier to smile than frown.

I think Prechae will be OK! Ask Zontar if you don't believe me. :wink:

I was going to suggest asking deerhunter/Mikey if Prechae will be OK but Zontar wouldn't believe it!

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8) I'm over, and out on this particular discussion !! :wink:
  I'm getting ready to go to the game.  At least that is one common ground we all have and that is

   being TiCat fans !!

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Yes I read other posts, I don't read them all. I have a life outside of Excuse me for not reading YOUR post. Did I offend you? :roll: If you must know, I don't get the spectator. I don't find much of anything news worthy printed in newspapers. If you know the answer to a question, why not just answer it, rather than try to lash someone for committing the sin of not reading the world famous spectator?

It was something that came to mind, so I posed the question. If you read my post, I thought it was clear that I suspected him to be on the IR and the second part was wondering if he is injured bad enough to be kept out of a game. I was posing a question to get other people's opinions and I don't need your approval or permission.

Why do you feel the need to be the forum police? While we're at it - why do you put multiple exclamation marks in every other line in every single post. You seem to have a real need for attention.