Preaseason Game 1: Edmonton at Calgary

that game was too sloppy to be AI generated :sweat_smile:


the only thing that game was missing was a fourth down! :joy:


*flies away on her broom :woman_mage:

No stats posted as yet. I did hear during the weather delay they were badly behind entering the stats and they were not available to the radio guys. So don’t know maybe they will pop up at some point.

As for the broadcast - what I expected for pre-season. Yes the game was sloppy at points but what the heck, it’s more about evaluating players than anything else. At least we get to watch pre season this year…



This is one of the things that makes watching pre-season games worth it.


why is he wearing a senators t-shirt?

Laundry day . :laughing:


Al Shaver may have been a “touch” over the top when he did the radio calls of North Star and later Golden Gopher hockey, but Dusty is just plain out of control.

A bit of a sloppy radio broadcast IMO. Hosts were trying to be the show rather than let the game be the show.

I just tuned in the Elks broadcast on my receiver and listened to Morley Scott and Dave Campbell alongside the video stream.

Sill…far better than not seeing the Elks pre-season at all the last couple years. I don’t mind other people’s opinions but its nice to see those guys who play the first game as “they have a chance” players and really show up - like French yesterday.

I agree with you about the CGY radio guys. They were okay but not good. It’s just that they didn’t irritate me like Dusty does. Fortunately, I do know where to log on to CJOB for Blue Bomber games when I need to.

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Boring, predictable offensive displays by both teams.

That Stamps undrafted/FA Canadian RB Jean-Giraud (Montreal Carabins) made a bunch of impressive runs late in the game; but the Stamps already have 3 pretty good RBs; if they cut him, and he had an American passport, some other team in RB need would be signing him likely.

Ryth-Jean Giraud was an Alouette 2022 5th round draft choice, was released and returned to school. Apparently not too happy about it.

Late in the game, the team turned to Giraud, a former Montreal Alouettes’ draft pick, who rumbled for 46 yards and a touchdown on just six carries. Giraud knows how deep the depth chart is ahead of him, so despite being the only running back to score in the game, he will remain humble at film study this week.

“There’s a lot to work on, I’m learning so much from that running back room. I’m blessed and have to keep working,” Giraud said.

While staying humble in the room is likely smart, there is also a bit of a chip on the shoulder for the two-time conference all-star from the Montreal Carabins.

“I was drafted by Montreal but they sent me back to school. I felt like I could play, but I didn’t get my chance.”

When sent back to school, Giraud ended up playing safety for Lincoln University in Oakland, Calif. where he made 21 tackles along with two forced fumbles and two interceptions. Those skills were on display on Monday as he made the tackle on the kickoff following his touchdown.


He should be. Maier did nothing. Most of the others did little or were meh on a day when Edmonton played only a few starters.
It did make for a good evaluation day for the Elks though. Saw some good play from several guys. Brodrique looks like he will be studying film hard this week. He looked good but didn’t flow to the right place at times. I think its just an experience thing but its hard to tell without stats too.

Calgary’s run game was aimed at the wide side where McLaurin and Thomas were playing linebacker and they took advantage of Brodrique playing his first game and getting too shallow and not flowing outside quick enough, along with having 2023 draft pick Nick Taylor moving from linebacker to play safety in his first CFL game. We will see how well they play after watching some tape and getting coached up a little better.

No worries about the Elks, they had lots of new “earn your way in” talent on the field for the game, and there was a lot to like. French played well, Doege looked really good, most of the Dline played well, the Oline looked really good, not missing sets and opening some nice gaps for the run game.

Most improved though? Special Teams looked capable, both ways, where the best mark they got last season was acceptable.

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CGY has a Nick Taylor who is in his eighth CFL season and spent the last three seasons with WPG. I don’t see any other Nick Taylor on their roster. ??

Sorry, I meant Jake Taylor for the Elks - their territorial draft pick from this year who was playing at Safety for the Elks.