Preaseason Game 1: Edmonton at Calgary

Here are the depth charts and game notes for the game.

I’m probably most interested in seeing how Clark Barnes and Cole Tucker can fit into the Stamps receiving corps as rookies. I’m also a bit interested to see if Campbell “Soup” Fair or Toshiki Sato can push the incumbent kickers on Calgary.

Screenshot 2023-05-22 08.01.30


Watching the game now. No problems with streaming.
Broadcast has been a little clunky but to be expected with the first one…

watching while i’m trying to figure out how to stream it in here

Barnes gave the football to his mom (1st touchdown). So far so good for him.


can’t get it to load this particular player - that’s a direct link to the feed.

rouge in the first game lol

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Stream doesn’t come back from commercial break sometimes.

half time anyways. sloppy football is better than no football haha

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I’ve been watching, I missed this thread (Senior moment)
It’s been okay

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Missed the first half. Hopefully the second will be good.

I think that’s first production blues…

I’m streaming Chrome on Windows to my Android tv. Funny theres no “stream to” on the app…

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if you watch the video feed in another browser window beside this one (on desktop) you can watch and post at same time

I’m on it now, thankyou! :+1:
You are excellent!
I don’t give my email and name to anyone! :stop_sign:


not bad if you set it up



lol first preseason game and there’s smoke delay and now a storm delay omg


Hearing that now. An ominous start to the season. Air quality and storms, oh my!


that radio pbp guy is horrible my god you poor folks in calgary


I’m streaming on Chrome to my TV and posting on Firefox…

Just had a look at the radar, there’s weather coming up from the south but its moving pretty quick so I doubt th weather delay will last long…


how is the quality of the stream to tv?

terrible comentating. Whats with the defocused video with audio ads. It would be better to just show the crowd. Displaying a defoused video is extremely annoying and not good for your eyes to look at defocused video.

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