Pre season.


Fajardo is the clear 2
I like McCoin as reciever
Running backs looked good.

Both good out of the backfield


No real depth in the secondary imo.

Rider Defense that was playing looking tired and not as conditioned as the Calgary Defense.
The young guys in the secondary have alot of work to do on pass coverage and TACKLING!!

I liked the look of both RBs, #20, and #25 each did some good things.

Wrs/SBs… I liked the look of #13, and ?Cannon?.. Glad to see there maybe some viable backups.

Fajardo seems like hes a lock at #2, Watford seemd he was nervous and anxious had some jitters. He calmed a bit but Fajardo outperformed him. But i look at Watford and wish he had been DDs successor as reminds me of DD a bit.

I think that if our OLine can bond and our offense can be a bit more Run heavy than we should be fine offensively.

Our defense… Well we did okay against the run for most of the game, there was just a few runs by Calgary near the end there which im sure some of those guys were gassed. ( the smoke in the air / lungs couldnt have helped )

Ultimately im SOO relieved that CFL is back that i dont care about the results for at least a month.

I said it all last season and will again state it, we need a new OC, Macadodo sucks, his big playbook that fits on a folded napkin. Our QB’s and players are not the problem, he is!! he might make a good water boy!! simple job like his playbook!! >:(

As has been the case many days in camp…concerns around tempo. Not reading too much into this game though…the Riders kept a third of their ream at home.

Fajardo played well…I would say he won second. Watford seemed to be finding some rythem after poor play and then he put up a 50/50 floater to 5-10" Moore. Really? That’s the guy you choose on a 50/50 ball? No DB inside. No S inside, and you throw that? Tells me all I need. Harker is battling him for 3rd…and he is new…that should mean Watford is gone. Harker has to work on his short game for the wide stuff, but he shows potential. He makes reads and goes through them well…doesn’t panic with pressure and make stupid decisions. Seems like something to build on

A couple OT proved they at best needed a lot of work…that is fine. Vornkahl had some issues as did Price…they are 23 and 21…so they are projects.

A couple DBs need to go look at film and let’s see how they respond. They looked bad at times, but 2s were playing 1s and 3s were playing 2s…should be expected. McCray showed he can chase people all over the field…see how he does with film study. Means has a big hill to climb.

Bouka had some coverage issues…but he was there. That seems to be a matter of finding position for game speed. He came up nicely on underneath stuff…that’s what really matters on this D

Butler at RB? Mehh. He knows how to dance anyways. Had instances where he showed complete unawareness of markers, danced around, team punted…I hate that. I is one thing when you are 4 or 5 yards away and trying to make it happen…another when you are one yard away. Anyone who had issues with Demski can’t love this guy. I don’t mind him as depth, but Morrow was better IMO…taking blocking out of the equation, where Butler had a bit of an edge. loved Morrow’s no nonsense rushing.

Awachie has improved steadily every season, and has again for 2019

Janke looked impressive at LB…he could be a nice draft.

Geter played well, as expected, but Graves and Rivers showed they can play as well…Graves is super interesting at only 20. I can see Rivers getting the rotation and them building up Graves…he could be special.

I am not a huge fan, but cmon…it is PS1 with almost no first string players.

yah but it’s the same crap just like last year, he needs to go!! and you know that!!!

Well it’s certainly no secret, and common knowledge around the league from Annalysts to commenters: Dunnigan, Stegal and Burris to mention only 3, that the Riders have to score a hell of alot more points then they did last season (Not the least but the second least amount of points scored last season) if they have any desire to compete at all.
I just get this feeling based on last season’s offensive output and ZC precarious health issues (Head Trauma) that the Rider’s future (this season and next) hangs by a thread.
Call me crazy but always ‘hopeful’ ZC shows us the QB he was 4 years ago??? (also doesn’t get hurt) and our Rider OC gets more aggressive.
Here’s hoping
Go Riders Go!

I am open to seeing what he does without Jones. I know it will still be high percentage passes, but supposedly it is going to open up some more and the playbook has evolved in the second season with ZC.

So maybe they go back the 2nd most O TDs in the league like in 2017…one can’t simply overlook that stat from a year that they rebuilt the O. I am not a massive fan of the O schemes…but I can’t pretend that it has not been successful in the past, nor ignore that they rebuilt the O side of the team last season. ZC has said he is mountains more comfortable in the system than he was a year ago…that’s just natural for a QB. When I look at the things like the 2 wins against the stamps last season…this team was capable of putting up point…and they should be better.

I’m not sure what the big deal is with Macado. They decided to go with primarily youth at the reciever position. While the offense was under productive, I’m not sure that’s fully on the oc. First 3rd of the season without a starting QB certainly didn’t help either

There are also…imo…definitely times that he has failed to adapt and certain go-to tactics that should be incorporated into his schemes. I think the thing that frustrates me though is that he builds certain looks or has success with some and then closes the book on them. All that said…it is not fair to place all fault on him in the issues…no question…but he has a chance to tweek his game, no excuses for him this season after a few games.

I am certainly aware of the production in 2017 as well as the lack of it in 2018.
A couple of good games against the Stamps doesn’t cut it for me.
Also I agree with ZC not playing for a good part of beginning last season had something to do with the lack of success…But hey, without a reliable backup thats what the result can be. I repeat, Hopefully that’s not the case this season.
So that leaves us with “see what happens without Jones” and “time will tell”

We’ll see what happens and discuss it all as it comes.

Jones or not he still has serious concussion issues, And that is the issue, not his ability.

In all fairness any qb would have been put out with the cheap shot Willis put on him last year. And his first was when he was thrown in behind a 3rd string o line. We will see this year

I really enjoyed this analysis. Well done! Absolutely agree about Fajardo and Watford.

Yeah, I too would have to say de-pop’s analysis was/is spot-on. Fajardo’s accuracy surprised me. Although there were no deep throws, I thought most every one of his passes were on the mark, and he looked comfortable in there. Harker never “lit-it-up” by any means, but there was something about his play that made me think he’s got potential (can’t quite put a finger on it)…so, unless they’re going to keep 4 QBs, I’d say Watford is the odd man out…at this point. Also agree on the assessment of the RBs. When Butler tried that “shake and bake” move two yards short of the first down, and never made it, I thought… “he’s done.” And either Morrow took notice of that, or it’s just not his style, as he seemed very focused on heading “North”…as he should be IMO. Janke for sure caught me off guard with his play.

Poise. He has it.

You can tell he is a cerebral guy. He doesn’t panic. He shuffles over and goes to his next guy. He seems to go through progressions really fast and never looks offset. Even the bulrush, he thought about lobbing it out there, and then just tucked and took the hit. All of that is stuff you don’t usually see in a guy that early on…and he is only 23. He has piles to improve on, but it is tough to teach the intangibles he seems to have. He needs to work on his wide flats…right now his mechanics hurt that throw on the wider CFL field…so he either needs to learn to rotate his feet more in that drop, or simply work on an 80% arc for wide side mechanics…something most QBs don’t have to do for a 4 down field. He has to work on exactly how he is looking at reads, learn to stare at a spot to draw in a safety or LB…that comes with time.

Funny thing with Morrow is he is supposed to be the scat back with hands and Butler more of the grinder…weird right? I am happy with both…would like both around…but I prefer Morrow. Morrow seems more in line with Powell, and they already have the changeup in Thigpen.

Now Pre Season is done and we lost both (seems a pattern over the last few years) while other teams won, I really hope we get off to a ‘strong’ Regular Season start with wins.
ZC looked good and Mac has thrown in a couple of new plays and wrinkles I noticed with William Powel in the 2nd pre season game. We will certainly know quick enough once the “Big Signings” are all playing and not banged/nicked up.

I still don’t love the energy level at times and special teams has a mountain to improve…but overall it looks alright. Some teams put a lot into momentum via a win in PS…others don’t really care and just want to see people…Riders have fallen into the 2nd category for a few seasons…both have validity IMO