Does anyone know if the pre-season games are being televised?

Here's the Schedule for CFL on TSN.

It doesn't look like they'll be televising the pre-season games.

guess that means no pre-season on TV... Rats.. Thanks tho.

SaskTel is suppose to be doing some type of game broadcast to be available free on CH 602 for all MAX customers. This is not a 100% thing yet but this is suppose to be in the works.

doesnt bother me the pre season games arent that good

tsn2 is busy on Sunday

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Preseason games could be broadcast on A-Channel.

I think the Free Press sponsored a webcast of Winnipeg's home PS game last year. Don't know if they are doing it again.

shaw is televising the ticats/bombers pre-season game from hamilton. on shaw channel 9. but outside of that.. i dont see any others being televised.

the freepress did stream last years bomber home game online but were told to cease and decist because cjob apparently has exclusive rights to it or something stupid.

SaskTel will be broadcasting the Preseason game on their SaskTel Max service on channel 602 and it will also be available for viewing on channel 48 after the game until June 20. The game will not be available to MTS or Telus viewers. I’ll be watching from the stands.

It wasn't CJOB but TSN who told them to stop from what I heard.

Anybody know if the Hamilton @ Toronto pre-season game will be televised?

I hope it won't be too long til pre-sesaon games get picked up. Yeah they're not the prettiest games but I'd watch 'em all in a heart beat!

I used to say I'd never bother with pre-season games, but honestly, I'm climbing the walls right now. All I've got is the Lakers, and that series is just going to hell with the fouls. I'd kill for a CFL game right now.


I don't wanna watch anything but CFL now.Not watching NHL anymore this year, not watching NBA anymore this year, watching a tiny bit of MLB but that's it.I'm dying for Sunday to come, I hope to hell i'm not gunna have to resort to listening to it on the radio, but i'll do it if I have to.The off-season is wayy too long :lol:

Very much agreed! Thankfully I have a sort of methadone to hold me over: taped Grey Cups and a few games off of iTunes.

Are they on tv anywhere? or do I have to listen on the radio?

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CFL Football is here!!!! Well, some practice games at least. Any radio or TV or streaming of either?

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