Pre-Season v.s Ottawa Game 2 Gamethread

No sign of a game thread anywhere, but I am excited to watch the boys and if anyone would like to join me in enjoying our Ti-Cats destroy a JV team please post here.

I've got it streaming on my "downstairs" TV - can't wait to finally see some Tiger-Cats football!!!

Can't get mine to work. I have this lovely screen that says live stream then nothing else. It has asked me to install flash for like the 100th time

Im fine on both Firefox on Win 10 and Safari on OS X

I’m happy that the Ticats are streaming this so I’ll be watching on my computer but just opened up a second window so that I can switch back and forth to add the occasional comment here. I’d like to be able to use the computer solely for commenting but TSN apparently had other ideas. And why does the league have THREE games scheduled tonight so that they overlap?? :roll: (7:30,8:00 and 10:00!) I do wish they could get the preseason schedule worked out so that ALL games could be televised and teams aren’t playing two games on one day’s practise!

OK Rant over - Sorry! :smiley:

Oh and I’ve also been listening to the Ticats pregame show on TSN 1150. Just a little multi-tasking here! :slight_smile:

Got the stream up and flying, real nice picture but few lags, hoping it holds itself together tonight with the heavy traffic expected.

RedBlacks red numbers on white look funny to me, that just me and my sports uniform adhd going off again?

Actually, I have the football game streaming from my wife's MacBook Pro to my home theatre system through HDMI, and the Jays game streaming on MY laptop, with the forum open in another window. Ain't technology grand?

The advantage of having a laptop for work. Have my personal laptop streaming the game to my HD TV using HDMI cable, and I'm using my work laptop for commenting. And have the depth chart open on my tablet - it's preseason, so I have no idea who a lot of these guys are yet.

"in all our sons command" Oops.

This guy's absolutely MURDERING the National Anthem!

I thought we would be hearing the Play-by-play from TSN on this stream?

And there it is.

Preseason for the officials too, I guess. :lol:

Now it's working...

Thats good a suicide pass for Tasker second play after a sack. And the stream froze and is nooot exactly looking to proffesional right now, no audio for play by play just creepy sounds randomly from Coach and Ferg.

Also the ref is an idiot and completely botched that call. This is preseason football at its finest people.

Forgot to mention that beauty of a shortened anthem, I kind of liked it. Honestly feel for the man he looked so proud at the end I hope nobody broke the news to him that he forgot half the song.

2 completions to the 2che, and he hasn’t acted too 2chey (yet)…

Already used to cheering for CO2, looking good snatching balls in good guy colours.


It's not looking professional because, well, it isn't. No commercials, so the Ticats are paying the full tab here. Probably being run by unpaid interns.

CJTD!!!! Nice drive there, once it got started.

TD GABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very very nice drive from the O after two terribad plays to start it off.


Lets hope we all get to type that a lot this season!