Pre-season/training camp

Just a thought. What do you guys think of increasing the number of pre-season games from two to three? I've read a couple articles on different sites and with all the turnover on a CFL roster it may be time for the league to add an extra pre season game so teams have an extra week to evaluate talent and players develop more chemistry? Week 1 across the league displayed horrible football. Week two wasn't much better (especially for us) and week three had a couple of stinkers too.
I think with an extra game teams are more prepared to come out of training camp firing on all cylinders.

Scared me. I thought that this post had written off the entire season already (sort of like about 50% of posters have) and was already concerned about our next training camp. :slight_smile:

PS - We discuss this each off season and there have been some good threads. You NEED 4 games to properly evaluate talent. In the current system the rebuilding teams have a much harder row to hoe.