Pre-season: Ticats vs Argos at Rogers Centre

Hey everyone,

I’m thinking of attending the pre-season game in Toronto. Does anyone know of an avenue to get discounted tickets…I refuse to pay “Full price? for a pre-season game in Toronto.

If anyone knows/hears of anything please post.


you refuse to pay “Full Price” for a CFL pre-season game. But I bet there will be a lot of guys like you that will pay TWICE the price for a pre-season NFL game in Toronto!!


The avenue you may require is named Bremner Blvd. and that is where the "independent ticket contractors" are located.

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I refer to them as "scalpers."

  • paul

The 500 level is "closed for business"

That's where bargain seats were located.

Well said Mate!

it's a pre season game, i can't see tickets being more than 10 dollars even at the box office.

those days over especially now when people are paying over $500 for a preseason game $30 is pretty cheap

Actually I’m a ticat seasons ticket holder who has no desire to see the NFL but wanted to check out the ticats away pre-season game but refuses to pay min $30 to see a game at that dump of a stadium and put money in the hated argos cofers…

So if any non-haters have a suggestion I would appreciate it

Just show up a little late and look for some gentlemen who may have accidently purchased 20 extra tickets. At that point he may be a little desperate to unload whatever he has left and sell to you for half price.

And I agree 30 is too much for a preseason game.


There's a discount section at that "Toilet Bowl" in the 200-level NW endzone area. And even then, they want something like $20/seat for those.

After watching Obie's pre-camp assessment of the Ticats, I think the Argos should charge $50 a ticket. These new guys sound like they're all world. lol