Pre-Season Televised...TSN

...First time i can recall preseason action being TELEVISED....TSN has just announced it will carry the early going with our game against the Als. on June 16...then the game against T.O. on June 23....(might be blacked-out locally)...Makes for an early football start :thup: :rockin: I like it... :thup:

...Our first game is on TSN 2 June 16...guess this will put a dent in the radio broadcasts.... :roll:

WOO HOO!!! Finally!!!

I doubt the home pre-season game will be blacked out. Even if the same black out rules apply as in the regular season, with all the buddy tickets given for that game it will have a large enough crowd so there should be no black out.

I agree with you Blue they won't be blacking out the pre-season game for one simple reason, if more people (ppl that usually don't attend BB games) see the pre-season on TV they just might get excited enough to come down and buy Reg Season Tix, it will help the walk up sales for the regular season IMO.