Pre-Season Shopping List

Watching Pre-Season one thing is always clear:
There are players on each team who WILL be cut
Players that can and should play in this league

I'm convinced the Alouettes need something approaching a true fullback going into this season
As a complement to Whitaker
Bada$$ toughness for those short yardage plays

At the end of the 1st game between the Argos and the Cats
One guy just might fall between the cracks
The Cats are loaded at running back:

At 5'11" 210, James Berezik might be a little light
But he runs a whole heck of a lot BIGGER
Has some great hands
And the heart of a bulldog

He's got my vote...In case he ever becomes available.


Agreed Senior, that kid was impressive.

Apparently the BC Lions have a lot of surplus talent on the defensive line
Could be somewhere to look with Bowman out for a while

Reilly looks darned impressive backing up Lulay

Cortez wishlist: An Oline and some defensive backs...They aren't going anywhere with what I saw tonight.

He does and that kid Bighill.... That's some serious wheels on a big man.

Riders and Durant look brutal...

Always difficult to make predictions based on pre-season performances, but I think the Argos and Ticats are going to be very competitve this season. There were many players who distinguished themselves also. While Cobourne appears to be the designated RB, he may have some competition. Both coaching staffs are going to have some tough decisions to make. I hope that our coaches are watching carefully...I'd sure like to have some of their players on our roster!

Since our game isn't televised tonight (thanks RDS/RDS 2/TSN/TSN2....!), I guess I'll have to rely on Herb or posters here who went to the game to get the scuttlebutt on who may have been impressive for us.

Again, it's always difficult to really assess players in pre-season, since many won't be around next game. My concern this season is D. There were some big changes made and I hope that the guys we brought in live up to their advance billing. On O, I hope for another championship-calibre performance from our O-line and receivers. I'm a little concerned about Jamel's injury. So far, he has played spectacular football without major injuries. His ability to gain separation means being able to make those cuts and be a big target. Sure hope he is fully healed and can play up to his usual standards.

Jamel played hurt half of last season.

I don't think we saw the same game... Ticats oline looked pathetic and they showed Hage on the sideline and he looks out of shape, his man bewbs would make Britney Spears jealous. Their DB's were getting beat all over the field and the ref put the flag away after the first quarter because he could have called penalties on pretty much every play. Chevon Walker and Bakari Grant looked impressive. Giguere harder to tell as they used him as a one trick pony. Burris made some stupid decisions and showed his fumbleitis is still alive and well. They will put up points no question but I did not see a contender there yet, like you write, it is only one pre-season game. Watching the Lions after you could see how much of a gap still.

The Argos: Hard to tell because the Ticats were taking so many penalties and turning over the ball so much. Ray never could get in a groove and still managed to put up 14 points in a quarter but I noticed Ray is getting ride of the ball much qucker than in season's past. Their oline looked better than I expected but the Ticats brought no pressure of any kind, so it could be an illusion. They did not swing out or throw one ball to Boyd so they did not show any of their offense either. I liked their 3rd string QB.

In the end the score flattered the Ticats. With Alix missing a 32 yard field goal and that insane lateral on the Hamilton fumble. Score should have been 37-24

That's what I hate about pre-season
What with the offences going in and out of sync
And excitement vying with concentration
Some guys just trying not to get hurt
Still others pulling out all the stops to secure a spot
It's never easy for us plebs to get a line on what's what

Easier, of course for coaches who've been watching the players for a while now

Still...there are several points of concern for the Alouettes:
Both Ricky Ray and Henry Burris are known quantities
That is...if they get protection and have some talent to back them up
They are among the elite QB's in this league

Toronto is especially frightening
Starting with our "head coach of the future"
Milanovich will not waste any time making his mark
And Chris Jones looks like he knows what he wants to do

The last 2 years I've wondered what the Argos might do
If they had any kind of talent at quarterback
With arguably the best running back in the league
And a receiving corps in constant flux...impossible to assess with less than a lemon at QB
A defence that bent but rarely it looks like Jones is determined it won't even do that
I'm VERY concerned about a Ricky Ray led Argos team
Heck...they may even put a few butts in the stands

The Ticats will be all about Henry Burris this year
Last year's designated lingerie footballer
Looks to me like he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder
And he still has loads of talent to go with that revamped attitude

The Cats have a surplus of GREAT running backs...looks like to me
Which is BAD news to an Als defence who will struggle with the loss of Eric Wilson up the middle
And our reliance on a 7-man front and man coverage
You can expect some HUGE gains on the ground

They're also STACKED at receiver
Hell...Fantuz AND Sticky Stala etc etc etc
Hank'll be smiling all the way to the bank

If the Cats' secondary and d-line can start to match the quality of their linebacker crew
They're going to be a force to be reckoned with

Add the Bombers and what they accomplished last year
We better hope the Alouettes have done enough to mend
Some obvious holes in their game
Or the inconceivable might just happen

Anthony (Ride em 'til they drop...screw the sunset) Calvillo or no


The way Walker and Berezik performed at RB last night, Im wondering if OBillovich having 2nd thoughts about resigning Cobourne.

And with Fantusz, Giguere, and even Campeau as Canadian receivers, I wonder if Stala will be his next veteran hatchet job.

Burris was very Hank and Frank, but LeFevour was quite impressive for a newcomer.

Ah! Its one thing to run the ball. Did you see their offensive line ? Avon was begged to come back because the other two probably don't know how to block or at least aren't trusted to block.

Stala is more of a slot. I think Stala will backup the American slotbacks and see play if one of them or their Canadian WR get hurt and considering Fantuz and Giguere's history that's a good idea.

Burris had a bit of success early and then next thing he's looking like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch.

It will be a great season.

If the Als stay healthy. I think Trestman's attention to detail and a good all around football team could be enough to take it.

Sure hope the injury to Brandon London doesn't prove to be too serious.

And then Adrian does nothing
Makes us both look bad I said:
Some guys are trying to impress and make the team
Others are just trying to not get hurt
Pre-season's a B*tch

Devine's looked good
Neiswander too
(I'll get his name right eventually)

I hate to say it
But the Als could do worse than actually changing up from Jamel Clone #2
A Bo Bowling
Or maybe (omegawd) a deep threat would be nice

Means not much, throwing to prospects.. and I'm pretty sure he was told not to run with the ball unless it is to escape a hit.

5 sacks against their starting oline in one half :slight_smile:

So far McPhee has been thoroughly unimpressive in all his pre-season games
Completely s*cked in "end of season" garbage time games
Been a non-factor mopping up for AC

And has looked like a stud whenever the games have meant ANYTHING

I'll take that deal anytime

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Liked Bear Woods last year
Philion is bang on:
He came in last season with zero time to prepare
And held his own
Under all the bitterness
(I REALLY don't like losing)
I noticed Woods for sure
Glad they brought him back