Pre-Season Question

I apologize if I’ve overlooked the info, but how many pre-season games are there inthe CFL? And, what is the fan philosophy toward pre-season? As an NFL Saints fan, I always enjoy watching the first pre-seaon game, but essentially just cross my fingers and hope no one gets hurt after that. The last pre-season game is usually only interesting for about the first quarter. I guess it’s interesting to watch those who are trying to earn spots on the team, but there’s so many that it’s hard to keep track of. In other words, I’m always glad when pre-season is done. You?

There are 2 pre-season games and the first one is usually made up mostly of guys who are fighting for a spot. Most of the vets sit out. The 2nd one is more of a tune-up you may still see some vets sit out. I like pre-season because it's a LONG offseason but obviously prefer regular season because pre-season seems more like a scrimmage or a try-out.

Totally agree with Banshee. In the past, I've been limited to listening the the games on the radio via Internet. This year, the second game is televised nationally, so I finally get to at least watch one of them.

We ran into the pre-season injury bug a few seasons ago. An up-and-coming first-round pick for Safety had his season ended in (IIRC) the first quarter of ply in the pre-season. He is now our starting Safety.


Welcome to the CFL site LaChazz- true the CFL only has 2 pre season games, however the Ti Cats do have the annual Black

and Gold game and 2 regular season games used to be preseason, but with the CFL not recieving fair compensation for T.V

rights, those two games were added to the 16 game regular season back in the 90's because they draw more fans as regular

season games. also CFL rosters are not set in stone , CFL teams tweak their final rosters with late NFL cuts in september

as well.

Simplified into a formula...

Old days 4 pre-season games + 16 regular season games = 20 games
Nowadays 2 pre-season games + 18 regular season games = 20 games