Pre-Season Promotions for Teams

News out of Winnipeg this week is the Bombers are opening up their training camp to fans like they did last year. The turnout was reported to be 4500. :o This year they expect the same or even higher numbers. In addition as being a great way to connect with the fanbase, opportunities exist to make a little money off of concession sales. I know the Lions had something similar for season ticket holders a little while back, but no official events are planned for training camp.

Anybody know of other teams planning similar events? The Bombers have to be leading the league in terms of attendance for these types of events. In the US, colleges host intra-squad games that draw massive crowds. If done right, CFL teams could follow suit. Really a win-win for everyone

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The Ticats have had their training camp, including rookie camp, open to the public since moving back from Brock University in St. Catherines to McMaster.

Also, all season ticket holders can get up to 10 free tickets to the preseason game to bring friends, family, etc to get them to see the experience.

Do the Ticats open up the concession stands like the Bombers do or is it more informal? I attended training camp for the Stamps a few years back and although the stadium was open, no concession stands were open. (for a while the bathrooms were locked too which made for some anxious moments before someone came and unlocked them).

BTW The Ticats had their training camp at Brock U??? :o They don’t even have a CIS team there and there is no stadium and/or turf fields on campus!! McMaster is a better choice by about 1000X.

every practice is open to the public at Mac.

Saturday, June 9 at 3:15pm @ IVOR WYNNE STADIUM Ticats have a open practice.


Saturday, June 16 at 4:00pm - BLACK AND GOLD DAY @ BURLINGTON

Last year the Black and Gold game got 3000 people.

Both will have concessions available.

Prior to 2011 the Bombers didn't have concessions open for training camp but it has always been open to the public. What changed in Winnipeg was the unexpected crowd of 2,500 that showed up for the first day of training camp in 2010. The Bombers marketing department just pounced on that to turn the first day of camp into an event starting in 2011.

Really an example that all CFL teams shoule be following! Its a no-brainer really, there should be invites to schools to do field trips etc... get people involved from the start!

I know when I was growing up in Regina, there were a number of instances where we got to go to TC and practices. THe team would do practices in smaller communities across the province. I know that the Riders open practice up to the public, but I am not sure if there are concessions or public address or anything like that.

The ARGOS had a special S.T. Holder day. They introduced their new uniforms.
Many famous ARGOS showed up. They had some great interactive games for kids and a mock casino for the adults.
What was truly great about this event was that almost 2,000 people showed up.
2,000 fans doesn't sound like a lot , however , this was the largest turn out of ARGO fans for any pre-pre season event in at least 10 years. :thup:

The ARGOS always have an open training camp every year on select days.

The ARGOS are have a special end of school day event for their EX-game. HUNDREDS of Toronto area schools have been invited and season ticket holders will get 5 free tickets to give away.

You don't make any money and / or create interest on an empty seat.

WOW , the ARGOs have finally discovered much , much better marketing. :wink:

People need to feel an emotional connection with their team. It is a good start :thup:
Having the 2012 G.C. in T.O. does certainly help.

Of course after every ARGO home game , fans at the game can go down on to Rogers' field and meet the players.

Actually this doesn't surprise me. Metro Toronto takes a lot of heat for its apparent apathy towards the Argos/CFL, some of it deserved, some not. But I think there is interest there; it just lies dormant due to years of neglect. Think about it. When have the Argos played a really exciting brand of football? Sure, Damon Allen did some good things but it was flashes; nothing sustained and, not to knock the guy, but there's a reason he was run out of BC when Ackles took over. The fans had seen enough.

The hallmark of Argo teams for the past 10-15 years has been an airtight defense and exciting special teams. I am hopeful Milanovich and Ray can do something about the other 1/3.

I agree with this, I was traveling to T.O. on business frequently from 2009-2011, including many trips in the off-season. And while all the talk was "Leafs", I did see Argo hats and jackets pretty often. Never saw any NFL stuff.

If they can take what they have started with and nurture it, and hopefully get some wins and some exciting football on the field, we will see it grow.

The Bombers had a skills clinic for the media last Friday and now the fans have a chance to put up or shut up on Saturday, June 9. The event is after practice and fans will be able show their skills (or lack of). Here's a link for more info:

Good point. It's one thing to have a great defence that's physically dominant, makes big plays and creates turnovers. Winnipeg had that last year and they were an exciting team to watch, even though their offence was mediocre at best.

Toronto's defensive approach over the last decade has been a "bend and hope not to break" scheme. No big hits, just tacklers trying to drag opponents down. No big plays, as they would prefer to give up an 18 play TD drive instead of one long pass that goes for a big play TD. About as boring as it can get.