Pre-season Prediction thread.

Here ya go 'nut, predict away. You know the drill....predict the score for Friday's preseason game.

Ticats 21
Blue Team (credit JL) 18

I'm with the caretaker in today's Star.

"We're going to beat them"

Tigers 35
Argos 21

Eat Ricky raw

Don't think we'll take the first one. Lots of great players but no time to gel as a team. I hate to say this but:
Argos 31 - 'Cats 18.

Well, I don't think the Argos can run up a 48-0 score this time because everybody says the Ticats are twice as good as last year.
So lets see 48 divided by 2 = 24
0 times 2 = 0
That was easy... Argos 24 Ticats 0



i think hamilton will take this game more seriously then the argos, and try to send a message early.

i think hamilton will win.

Toronto 24 Hamilton 6

I hope I am Wrong

Our second and third string against their starters for three quarters of football?

The Hammer 33
Tee Dot 27

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 24
Toronto Argonauts 17

Hamilton 28

Toronto 17

Hamilton 24
Toronto 23

Boreham hits a field goal in the final minute to win

I like your theory. :smiley: lol

hahha great prediction i like ur style, lmao

i have feeling our d is going to be huuuge this game! im gunna predict we run over there passing game and have almost no troubles stoping the run.. im going with us ahead
23- 10.

Toronto - 29
Hamilton - 17

Even the most unabashed homer couldn't make the Ticats the favorite for this Friday.

The Argos will not lose this game under North Americas sports microscope and in front of a big home crowd even if it means leaving there starters on for the whole game ( which they won't need to do anyway...afterall Avery as a backup coming on to face the TiCat B Team?)

Boatmen by 3 TDs.

haha we'll see...

I don't think I'll make a prediction now. I'm just releived that for the first time in a long time, we have a thread for predicting the outcome of a game. :slight_smile:

Well, there's going to be a lot of attention paid to this game and so neither team will want to lose. But neither the blue team nor the Dolphins want to risk having Williams getting injured. In fact, that was one reason the Dolphins were not sure if they wanted him to play here. They must have taken into account the fact that the blue team plays the Ticats six times this year. :slight_smile:

I hate to say it, but...

Argos 21
Cats 7

Absolutely correct. The Argos are not about to jeopardize all the publicity garnered this week. There will still be American reporters here to watch and comment. What he said.... If Argos have to play first-stringers all game, they will. The stakes are too high for them to lose.

3 TD's sounds about right.

The reality of these games is the coaches like to give their starters about a quarter to get their timing down and then let the rookies play. So after Allen and Maas leave they will let the backups show their stuff. Which will probably resemble last years Halifax game with no sustained drives and a battle of field goals. Ricky may play a couple of possesions just to give us our money's worth. The coaches aren't going to show anything but basic plays. I know I'm interested in seeing players like Eric Crouch, Lee Woodall, Lance Young and Ray Fontaine of the Argos and Anthony Davis, Talman Gardner, Steve Josue and Richie Williams of the Ticats perform under game conditions. I haven't heard of any restrictions on how many players the teams can dress and apparently there is no forced cutdown this year until after the second pre-season game.

I hate to gloat but it seems like you wree a little off in your math 'nut. I'm ashamed to day that I gave the blue team more credit than they deserved.

PS. bluto today is a GREAT day to be a biased homer. :wink: