Pre-Season Power Rankings are up....

If Drew Tate can stay healthy and put together a consistent 18 games, the Stampeders will definitely be in the mix come playoff time.
I can't take any rankings seriously with a QB that has 6 games under his belt (not even full ones) as a starter being praised as the next Messiah and reason for the ranking.
  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders
    After that, who cares? Saskatchewan Roughriders 2013 Grey Cup champions.

I'd say good (Toronto, BC), decent (Calgary, Saskatchewan), question mark (Montreal, Hamilton; could be great, bad, or anything in between), and likely subpar (Edmonton, Winnipeg).

I'm fine with Toronto being #1, they are the defending champs, they deserve that spot until they're proven otherwise. I feel strongly that they will be somewhere between 4-6 by the time the season is done though.

My rankings to start the year anyways (don't put any stock in preseason games):

  1. Toronto
  2. BC
  3. Calgary
  4. Montreal
  5. Saskatchewan
  6. Hamilton
  7. Edmonton
  8. Winnipeg

Well technically based on how teams finished last year it should ACTUALLY be.. cuz pre season doesnt matter at all...

teams go 0-2 and win the grey cup. teams goes 2-0 and miss the playoffs. it doesnt mean a thing


thats how it should be cuz thats how it was last year.

WHAT they did in the off season means nothing. right now those are the proper rankings.

Power rankings are done for fun. There are no "proper" rankings or improper rankings. If there were, no one would bother posting, because the debate is what's actually fun.

I agree wins/losses in preseason mean little...wins in preseason are if nothing else morale boosters, but a wise coach tries out of chacter plays in these games to see what certain players can do...plays that often don't work, but it doesn't matter because it is simply a testing ground.
That said, as the original post said this is based on offseason movement. No roster is the same as the end of last season, so one can not say the ranking should be the same. For example, I believe Hamiton improved, and the Bombers not so much, so while the Bombers finished ahead in the tie last season, I would rank the Cats above them. The Als finished better than the Riders, but the Als have a new coaching staff...that may work out well, but I would expect a few bumps based on the law of averages, so I would flip the Riders and Als.

What does Vegas say?

CFL Odds 2013
Odds to Win 2013 Grey Cup
Futures form Bodog & Sports Interaction

British Columbia Lions+350 +300
Calgary Stampeders+400 +400
Montreal Alouettes+450 +450
Toronto Argonauts+550 +550
Saskatchewan Roughriders+650 +500
Edmonton Eskimos+900 +900
Hamilton Tiger-Cats+700 +700
Winnipeg Blue Bombers+1000 +1000

those Las Vegas odds are pitiful.

have they not seen all the improvements the Riders have made since last year?

wow. it's like they just said "whatever, doesn't matter"

I'd say the odds are rightish.

All the teams ahead of them had better recods last season, and the Riders look good on paper, but have proven nothing. Hamilton looked like a contender last year, and failed to meet point being, there are a lot of intangibles and you need to take the green colored glasses off...and that is coming from a fan of the Riders.

Sounds like a money making opportunity for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the best way to let them know what a joke you think they are is to put down some of your hard earned cash on the Riders. That’s a pretty handsome payoff for a team that you think will walk with the title this year. You would be a fool to let that opportunity slide from under your fingers, if you are that impressed with the Riders. So, time to put up or …, I would think.

:thup: :thup:

Toronto #1.

The best part about preseason is the chance for us as fans to be as optimistic as we possibly can be before the ugly reality of the actual season brings most of us back down to earth (barring fans of the team that eventually wins the Grey Cup). So understandably we're going to be incensed when a website's power ranking harshes the mellow we've built up about our team in the absence of any evidence that would burst our bubble of optimism. I get that and share the sentiment to some extent. But for myself, I like to temper optimism with pragmatism even at this time of year. So I'm not going to kid myself into thinking that my Als are going to be the ~BEST EVAR!!!~ this season and go 15-3 en route to a Grey Cup. I'm hopeful that we'll finish the year on a positive note, even if we stumble early on due to the all-new coaching staff, but that's normal. People forget that in Trestman's first season, we started 2-0 but then lost the next three games. It wasn't all smooth sailing then, and it won't be smooth sailing now.

How dare you be pragmatic?!

Frankly I have no idea how to project this bombers season. It's a long season and I anticipate a number of ups and downs. I'm just hopeful we don't have another year like with Mike Kelly and that we make the playoffs, whatever seed. Once you're in, after that anything can happen.