Pre-Season Power Rankings are up....

I would actually rank the Red Blacks 8th and the Bombers 9th.

Edmonton ranked ahead of Hamilton? Really, TSN?

Montreal too high, Hamilton & even Sask a little low.

Well, the first four teams in the rankings are the top four teams from last season, so there probably wasn't a lot of thought put into those particular rankings. I just find it weird that Edmonton, with a new DC and nobody even remotely proven at QB, places higher than Hamilton, whose HC is not new to the league and with Burris coming off one of the best years (statistically) of his career.

BC should be at the top, Argos no higher than 3rd after BC and MTL, and maybe even 4th behind Calgary. How do you put a team at the top spot that has basically lost all of its secondary since the Grey Cup game? Matt Black is their most veteran guy back there right now if I'm not mistaken. That has to be a big question mark heading into the season in a passing league. I don't think MTL is too high. I think there are question marks about how their coaching staff will handle things once the season is underway but they have enough veteran savvy to make things work and having Calvillo is a great equalizer. They can lose any other position player and they'll be able to function. If they lose Calvillo for an extended period of time though then things will get interesting there IMO. Agreed with disciplineandpunish as well on Hamilton ranking behind Edmonton, should be flip-flopped. I know there's a lot of love for Reilly but really this is a bit too much for a guy who's had one good start and one not so good in his career thus far and hasn't really stood out in a competition with Nichols for the starters job and may only get it for opening day by default with Nichols getting hurt again.

Great post, wolverine, and I agree with your assessment, though I do feel that part of why Toronto is ranking high is because they haven't had any significant coaching turnover and the second year of a Trestman-type system is usually even better than the first, so we can expect better things from Ray & co. in 2013. Also, Chris Jones is probably the DC best at squeezing production out of no-names and making them into household names. So while I do concur that the personnel changes on defense will be a problem for Toronto, I still think they'll be the team to beat in the east.

Alright I get the Argos and BC at the top, those are no brainers.

However Montreal at 3rd after losing the pre-season game with a new coach ahead of Calgary who played a competative game and were Grey Cup finalists last year? Also Edmonton laying a huge egg in the pre-season and just suffered a QB injury and they are ranked above Hamilton who showed they have competant backup QBs, had a league leading offense last year and has a new veteran grey cup winning coach?

Did Hamilton really improve in the off-season though? They had the leagues worst defense last year, lost a guy who changed the outcome of games in Williams, and they're playing in temporary facilities all season. We already knew their offense was strong, and it wasn't enough to get the job done on its own.

I'm not really seeing a whole lot to like there, but the bottom is all kind of a wash anyway given the QB questions in Edmonton and the "is Buck Pierce going to stay healthy?" question in Winnipeg. You could rearrange those three at the bottom any way you want and be able to make a case for it at this point.

Perhaps if they televised the games it would be easier to weigh in on.

Just saying.

SOOOOOoooo.......ummm...this is how each team is us......ummmmm....yeaaahh

It's tough to rank teams based on potential alone; at least, during the actual season, you have wins/losses, patterns, momentum, etc. to judge which teams are really doing well. A pre-season power ranking, though? I ain't saying they aren't fun to do, but here's one thing no two people will ever agree on. :wink:

These rankings are a joke...

Of course they are, it's preseason. :stuck_out_tongue: There's no games of any value to base rankings on.

if you were to actually rank them on potential based on off season moves.

  1. Saskatchewan
  2. Hamilton
  3. B.C.
  4. Edmonton
  5. Calgary
  6. Montreal
  7. Toronto
  8. Winnipeg

Aaaand let the timer start for someone to show up and disagree. :wink:

For what it's worth, though, I do think Saskatchewan will be strong in the West this season. And really, unless something happens to Calvillo, the Als will be strong in the East as always. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think putting the Riders up top is a pretty big leap, but with week 1 PS onlyplayed, and few teams truly knowing all of their roster or at least not playing them...this ranking is pretty stupid IMO.

Fixed your post :lol:

Based on offseason moves, LOL. Didn't Hamilton win the Offseason Move Sweepstakes last year? How did that go for them? :lol:

These rankings are a joke...

Yeah. There's also the problem of teams not starting from the same place. Offseason moves are only a piece, and not one that's entirely reliable.

Really there's no way to do a good 1-8 ranking based on preseason alone. You could do a grouping of good (BC, Montreal), okay (Calgary, Saskatchewan, Toronto) and bad (Hamilton, Winnipeg, Edmonton) with some confidence. But that's about it.