Pre-season on TV

Not "officially" confirmed but:!/CFL_News/status/46883834746245120

oh, just saw the same topic has been in the main cfl forum for a while now.
and according to that one, the only game not being broadcast is our road game in trnt*.
call my enthusiasm for this news diminished.

Finally there doing this took them log Enough :roll:

The one pre-season game they’re not showing is our road game. Figures…

The attendance at last year's Ham-Tor Pre-season game was pretty pathetic, with just over 12,514 people (compared to Hamilton's second best pre-season attendance of 19,000. Every other pre-season game more than doubled or almost doubled that game.). Maybe they're doing us a favour by not broadcasting it. :?

It's a Saturday game and just down the road, anyway. If someone really wants to see it, they could always attend in person.

Not quite that easy for all of us. I would have liked to have been able to see both games. But one is better than none. Guess I'll be listening in via internet radio again for the other one.

True enough. I won't be going either, and I'll probably be listing on internet radio too. I'm assuming the majority of the fans are in Hamilton and surrounding areas, though, so it won't be as difficult for them.

Guess I have to as well...