Pre-Season on TV?

I know that pre-season games have never been televised but is there any way to watch an internet stream or other alternative feed? I'd like to see the new guys (and the old ones) in action.

I guess the answer is no since 76 people have viewed this thread but no one has answered. Tell me, would you like to see the pre-season games on TV? I can remember when there were 4 exhibition games (as they used to call them) and I would attend two and listen to the other two on the radio.

BTW my wife checked the listings and when the Als are playing tomorrow night TSN is showing a REPEAT of an old sporting event! Come on guys, give us CFL football!

They never show the preseason game on TV.
While I would like to see them I also feel it is prob a good thing that they dont. Preseason is time for evaluations and is almost never good football. Most(many) of the Als starters are not even taking the trip to Toronto because their jobs are secure.

How many potential fans could be driven away from the game if their first experience was watching 3rd and 4th stringers?

Good point but what about us diehards?

Us diehards have to settle for radio and LPBP

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I remember a few seasons back, I saw a Hamilton vs Montreal pre-season game. I remembered almost crying because Baron Miles went down with a dislocated shoulder, then I remember a fellow named Demeco Archangel returning a punt for a TD for the Als. But, I haven't seen one since, maybe it was a once and a lifetime thing.

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I would like to see pre-season games televised for the following 2 simple reasons:

  1. If they were broadcast that would mean that there were sponsors involved.....positive message and added credibility to the league.

  2. It would also give us fans a chance to see the potential talent pool (I have attended all Als exhibition home games and have not been disappointed to date).