Pre-Season Media Coverage?

I was truly looking forward to being at the First RedBlacks Home Preseason game at Taylor Field at Mosiac Stadium to cheer on the Home team (One time deal only for you RedBlacks- Riders the rest of the way) and wear my Red and Black Retro Rider Jersey.
Fortunately/Unfortunately I will now be in Vegas for a friends Stag....
Question is.... Does anyone know if there is any preseason media coverage of the games? I assume TSN is going to be showing all pre-season games LIVE this year.... but is there going to be ESPN (de OCHO) coverage in the US / Vegas ?

You might be able to get it on ESPN 2 or ESPN 3, TSN is broadcasting some of the pre season games :thup:
I was in Vegas last year and some of the Casino betting areas show CFL games on ESPN 2, ESPN 3 is live streamed on the computer. I watched the Hamilton/Sask game in my room on ESPN 3. :thup:

Mon June 9 Toronto at Winnipeg 8:30pm/5:30pm TSN
Fri June 13 B.C. at Edmonton 9pm/6pm TSN
Sat June 14 Ottawa at Saskatchewan 6pm/3pm TSN2
Sat June 14 Winnipeg at Calgary 9pm/6pm TSN2
Fri June 20 Ottawa at Montreal 7pm/4pm TSN
Fri June 20 Calgary at B.C. 10pm/7pm TSN

Thanks a lot. Looks like that game will be on TSN 2.... I will have to check the hotel for ESPN 2 or 3.... provided we aren't already at the peelers!


Don't trust that schedule, I recall last season we were supposed to get at least 4-5 pre season games televised and it only ended up being 2.

Well I doubt anyone will be bringing their laptops to Vegas, so I'm hoping it will be on ESPN 2 in some Casino Sports bar. Red Blacks v Riders.... They are bound to televise that one. At leaste if I can't watch it in Vegas I will have it recorded for when I get home.

I'm not sure how useful last season's schedule would be as a predictor for 2014, but in 2013 ESPN didn't pick up any of the CFL preseason games: Looks like NBCSN didn't carry them, either:

I know I wound up having to stream the radio broadcasts for preseason games to my BlackBerry using TuneIn Radio, but that solution may not work very well in a casino.

Thanks for the post on those two links. If it stays the same that ESPN or NBCSN does not cover the pre-season then I'll be watching it on Max Recorded TV.

Thanks all

I like that Idea of wearing the red and black retro. I may do that myself.

I like that Idea of wearing the red and black retro. I may do that myself.
I'll be wearing it in Vegas now instead.

I knew Saskatchewan stole the name... but the colours too?

All the pre season games should be shown as the numbers are extremely high.
And especially since the novelty will be the "home game" in Regina with the equally novel new team from Ottawa.

Was supposed to be 6 yes

Is NBCSN doing games this yr?

I wouldn't expect any announcement until late May to mid June on US coverage

The Red and Black colours of the Riders are the original colours from when the team was the Regina Rugby Club

Sorry bud, you need to get your facts straight. Red and black weren't the original colours of Regina RC, purple and gold were the first colours used. Red and black was actually the third change of colours in RRC history (FYI, blue and white was the second colour change).
But yes, you are correct, they did have the red and black colour scheme before the adoption of the name Roughriders.

Oh, thanks for the details. I shoulda known. at leaste the Red and Black we probably had for more years than those other purple /gold and blue / white.