Pre-season Lottery

The "lottery draw" for the chance at pre-season tickets at Mac was to be held on March 21, I believe. Has anyone been contacted regarding the results? I suppose of all those that entered the draw, only those who were selected would be contacted if they wanted tickets. Haven't heard anything, just wondering. Thanks

I do not believe the draw was to be on March 21st , but the deadline to ENTER the lottery was extended to March 21st . I do not think it has been announced when the lottery results will be known.

Thanks, I guess I misunderstood the deadline as the draw date. I guess we'll just have to wait until an announcement is made from the club.

There are people who actually entered that lottery?

When they extended the deadline, I got the feeling that there weren't many entries at all.

If you want a chance to go to the game you have to enter the lottery. Duh!

I believe that safetyblitz may just understand that concept. It might just be that he was intimating that - to many people - the game just isn't that much of a draw.

This post contributed by a bored fan who is aghast at how few posts have been added recently. News..... we must have news!!!!!

I guess they held the lottery. Got an email today that I can buy tickets. the process will be reviled in mid May. No surprise I gather not that many folks want to pay the price for an exhibition game at MAC. TCMIK

Got my notification too for the privilege of paying big $ for a meaningless game. :wink:

Anyone enter and not selected? I wonder

I got my notification also. I don't care if it's "meaningless" to the standings. It's the first game we can see since the GC. I'm personally happy to pay to see it.

I entered and didn't get a notice!

I got my notice as further mention of the behind the scenes tour of Tim hortons field though thats suppose to be included....hope thats still a go. Even if they have to delay it until further into the season because of wanting to wait until its completely long as at some point I get my tour lol. Still looking forward to the game as well...can't believe its still about 2 months till the season starts! Feels so close but so far at the same time!

Received my notice too! Looking forward to the opportunity to see the new team!

Just got a call and purchased my pre-season tickets. Nothing left in section E platinum. :rockin:

bought my ticket Thursday in sec D.

i just grabbed the last two seats together in section E. Only 2 singles left in that section. i thought i had to wait for a phone call to get seats but the ticket rep said i could get them right away. Wish i had called sooner …just re-read the e-mail about the lottery, only said they will provide details in the coming weeks, i never got any further details, did anyone get these further details? There’s probably a lot of people who dont realize they can purchase tickets now, unless i missed something…

The process to select your seat will take place in mid-May. We'll provide you with all of the details in the coming weeks.
the above is from the e-mail. that was the last correspondence i received from them. i wish i knew that i can buy the now. now i have to wait till Monday to find out what seats are left. :?

Bought 2 tickets today and arraged for the next 2 seats (benches?) for my STH neighbour who also won the lottery. Section C 5th row! I understand it is on the 30 yard line.

Same boat here I expected a further email to explain the process. Kinda feel out in the cold at the moment. I emailed my ticket rep to find out what`s going on. Is there a selection order like when we purchased season tickets? If so I have a 1995 date with silver as my section.

I received this email from the team on April 27th ...

Congratulations! You have been selected in the pre-season lottery!

You will now have the opportunity to purchase tickets to our pre-season game at McMaster University's Ron Joyce Stadium on Saturday, June 14 at 3 p.m.

The process to select your seat will take place in mid-May. We'll provide you with all of the details in the coming weeks.

Thanks you for your support!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Then I got this email on May 6th ...
Congratulations again on winning our pre-season lottery.

As a platinum or premium season seat holder, you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the Saturday, June 14 pre-season game at McMaster beginning on Thursday, May 8 at 9 a.m. Tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to all current platinum and premium season seat holders. Be sure to take advantage of this presale before May 14 to ensure the best available seats.
How to purchase your tickets:

 - Purchase online (Link will be sent via e-mail on May <!-- s8) -->8)<!-- s8) -->
 - Call the Tiger-Cats sales staff at 905-547-CATS (2287)
 - E-mail the Tiger-Cats sales staff at <!-- e --><!-- m --> with the promo code: LOTTERY

Call the Tiger-Cats sales staff at 905-547-CATS (2287)
E-mail the Tiger-Cats sales staff at
Oskee Wee Wee,

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

I called in at approximately 10am and got 3 tickets in section E, row 10 on the 55 yard line.