pre-season is one month away!

argos vs als first pre-season game is june 9th...


Finally ... light at the end of the tunnel!! :smiley:

Yes, something REAL to start talking about, :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , not goofy US expansion threads..... :roll:

Training camp starts in a couple of weeks. Lions have their fan fest planned. (Okay, its only an intra squad game, but its still football!)

...yee haw, can't wait for this season to begin...the stamps fan fest is slated for May 26th, the same day seasons ticket pickup begins...

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Thank god! Is it me or has this been a LONG off season?

It's be a very long off season. Glad this site is here so I can get my fix.

Amen to that! :smiley:

What he said. 8) :rockin: :cowboy:

A question for Canadians:

Are the CFL pre-season games televised?

Unfortunatly they are not.
Most teams broadcast on the radio and the radio stations website

Very. :wink:

I'm dying to hit someone, right now. Ok, living in my high school days, I'll rephrase this. I'm dying to watch someone else hit someone and I might add, without a piece of lumber or graphite in their hands!

It's the darn weather, it's been spring for a month now which makes you think you should be at the park watching a game.

Way too long ...

Can't wait til Fan Fest on the 26th - only 2 weeks! ... and they're also having a BBQ for the first day of training camp on the 3rd ...

Agreed, it also doesn't help that I can see Commonwelth stadium from my livingroom.

I can see everyone is getting itchy and raring to go!

-RW2005 is tormenting both Rider and Bomber posters.

-USA Expansion is slowing down

-Activity on the main board is up.

We'll know the season is here when Third & 10 and Big Dave re-appear!

24 days until Pre-season kickoff!

im currently discussing with friends and cousins the plans for going to the ticats home opener...

can't friggin wait!