Pre-season games vs. bye weeks.

Should the league lose the 2 bye weeks and instead have 4 pre-season games?

I vote for 2 pre-season games and 0 bye weeks.

Shorten the season by 2 weeks and keep the momentum going.

i think 2 preseasons games is enough to cut down the rosters of teams and get things off to a fast start and i don;t like bye weeks all to much, but i still think they are a good thing to have. perfect example would be the bombers. because this last weeks bye got alot of players off the injury roster

Didnt the league already say there would be no bye weeks next year?

It was reported that the league was discussing the elimination of bye weeks, but I don't know if a final decision was made.

Dealing with weather means the CFL should eliminate bye weeks. Playing football in the extreme heat or cold does nothing for the game or the fans. As for the pre-season, I believe 2 games are enough, but I would like to see longer training camps. Longer camps would help the players get on the same page and reduce the number of mistakes you see in early season games.

I like what the NFL does 4 pre-season games and 1 bye week. IMO this would be a good fit for the CFL. The cfl pre-season is way too short.

The only reason the NFL has 4 pre-season games is because its a cash grab for the owners.

They are making money off the pre-season games, and they don't have to pay their players! A pre-season thats 1/4 the length of the season its ridiculous!

Although, at least in the NFL you don't have teams with bye weeks the LAST week of the season as Calgary is going to have...nice time to give one playoff team a rest heading into the postseason...lmao. :thdn:

When Ottawa comes back someone will have a bye in the last week. IMO Ottawa should only comeback after the CFL expands to 10 teams to avoid this bye crap.

what?...avoid growth of the league just to avoid a bye?

What if a team that wins a division has a bye in the last week of the regular season because of an unbalanced league. For example what if Calgary had won the west this year and three weeks between there last game and the west final.I dont like byes they kill momentum. I preffer a few days between games like the Al's and riders this week and the Eskies and Stamps Labor day week

I agree.
While a bye week can allow injuries to heal, they can also kill a teams momentum. I prefer to not have them, especially with an even amount of teams!

i agree, i dont want byes when theres an even amount of teams…but im not gonna sacrifice the growth of the league just to eliminate byes.

i dont like byes, but i’ll take them if it means getting the league to 9 or 11 teams.

I vote for

3 pre-season and 17 reg season and no bye.

Season starts same as usual and end sooner.

We stay at 8 teams until we can go to 10

17 reg season games? do u split between home and road games?

9-9 now is fine...u gonna have 8 home and 9 road?

Good point!
Leave the schedule as it is. Just lose the by weeks!
Or at least dont have them on long weekends and the last 2 weeks of the season

2 teams in each division alternate every second yr. Home and away really doesnt make any difference for standings. Only a slight gate difference as 2 teams lose one reg game and gain 1 pre game over the other 2.

once we have 9 teams, there is no avoiding bye weeks as the alternative of having even more short weeks is unacceptable.

Does anyone know the status of A team in Halifax?