Pre-season Games Televised

TSN has four of them on their schedule.

May 31, SSK at CGY
June 1, HAM at OTT
June 6, OTT at MTL
June 7, CGY at BC

It’s not exactly balanced with CGY and OTT twice and no sign of TOR, EDM, or WPG. Better than nothing though!

becomes tougher when 4 of 9 games overlap and they only show about half of them normally. Glad they ruled out the firs one…because that first one is now on such short time in camp it could always be ugly…that’s one of the Esks games.

I will be happy if they just play these games.

Anyone who watches a CFL pre-season game until its conclusion deserves a free trip to the Grey Cup. The fourth quarter alone is a marathon of illegal procedures and pass interference.

Don’t ask me how I know that!

But which TSN channel is it?

With all the great prospects selected, I wish there were three of them…

I can’t believe the season is almost here. Where did the year go?

having trouble believing it myself

I would like to see 3 pressing games as well…so things look a little more polished week 1. I also think another option they should consider is an expanded roster for the first 2 weeks of say 6 more players. Have the bottom 6 salaries not hit the SMS for that time.

I like the second idea … more players to take special team reps so starters don’t need to pull double duty for those games … chances for extra exposure for the marginal players on offence/defence too … since they will all be minimum (or very near) salary guys I might even make it 3-4 games … would also be a nice “give” to the CFLPA in CBA negotiations … might also be a means to give International-Internationals extra PT to earn spots.

I fear that while more pre-season games would give rookies/marginal vets more time to show their wares … but the first two will both be what the first one is now and the third will be what the second is now … and still the final roster will get little time together … and it is already tough to fairly schedule games with 9 teams playing 2 games each (18 games) and only 4 games being able to be scheduled “concurrently” … don’t see the CFLPA liking this option.

I’m glad I’ll get in a couple of games before I leave for Iceland on June 18. I’ll likely miss all the games after that until I get back at the end of the month.