Pre-season games on TSN

Looks like TSN is broadcasting every CFL game this year. :thup:

…'bout time… :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Good idea! WIth the ratings going up every single year, it only makes sense.

Huge smile here.

I also love that they stream friday night football. We can easily watch it on a deck now. I use my tablet with a pocket projector to shine it onto a white screen we rig up before the game, sit around the fire pit and have some pending...good times

X2 :thup:

Yes, this is good news - no longer stuck listening to them on internet radio :thup:

The only afternoon pre-season game (Ticats at Argos) isn't being broadcast though - must be a conflict on both TSN and TSN2 that won't allow it to be shown.

Excellent! The more the better. :thup:

Good job TSN

High ratings = = want for more games to make more

The only thing I see at that link is "Check back soon for TSN's full broadcast schedule for the 2011 season." Think someone may have jumped the gun on this. I would love to see all preseason games televised but I really doubt it will happen.

We didn’t jump the gun - they may have by putting their schedule up before they made an announcement. The schedule was there yesterday with the pre-season games listed.

Blue Blood is correct, the schedule was there yesterday...

I'm not doubting that it was up on the site. I am doubting that TSN meant for it to be up and I am doubting that they will show all preseason games.

I’ll take a preseason CFL game over some baseball game any day.


Baseball is great filler during an afternoon nap, or if you're having trouble sleeping... :lol:

Anybody remember last year when the website showed for a brief time that the Grey Cup game was going to be on CTV? Later, the website showed TSN instead. CTV never did end up broadcasting the game. The same thing could be happening this time around. Don't get your hopes up.

Sometimes hope is all we have in the CFL.

But CTV might have short changed the game whereas TSN doesn't with the pre and post game stuff. Watch what you wish for. I realize they both have the same parent company but still are directed in different manners. I'm still elated with TSN all the way even if it means a few less viewers.

True, but a major correction is required for the next TV contract not only increasing the annual rate to near $30M-$50M for the league but making sure if it stays with CTV-TSN the GC and playoffs must be shown on CTV.