Pre-season games on TSN

I really wish TSN would broadcast some pre-season games. I mean CFL ratings have really been strong the past few years and they need the content for programming. I think it could be a win-win. The NFL broadcasts their's.
Come on TSN and Mark Cohon make this happen.

Does anyone watch the NFL's?

Last year was the first year I ever watched pre-season NFL action, and the only reason I did is because I'd just discovered I had the NFL Network, and I was obsessed with the channel. :lol:

I doubt I'll watch any next season.

no thanks.
maybe tsn 2.

It doesn't matter where they put it, it costs the same to produce, which is the same as a regular season game, which is a lot. And, they wouldn't generate much extra in the way of ad revenue.

While the fan in me wouldn't mind seeing a pre-season game on TV, they just don't make much economic sense for TSN to broadcast them.

I don't think exhibition games are part of the TV package, so the league may be able to sell them to anybody. But if you've ever seen a CFL preseason game, the league may be smart of leave them off TV... :lol:

Every day you talk about the NFL. Is there an NFL forum you can go moderate ? PLEASE !

:P :oops: :twisted:

Newsflash: I wasn’t the one who brought up the NFL. Deeerrrrrrrr!!!

I don't think the TSN has to show all of them, but I'm sure they would do OK in the ratings and justify the production costs if they showed a Rider game. Cable 14 always shows the Hamilton home preseason game but I would watch the road one if I had the chance.

I'd watch some for sure if they were on, not much else on in the summer except baseball which I'll watch a bit of but not much, a CFL preseason game would trump any baseball game for me.

"Doesn't make economic sense" What are you talking about ????
I guarentee you the ratings would be 200,000+ viewers even for pre-season games.
Any programming TSN has that can generate viewership like that produces advertising revenue for them irregardless of the contract they have.

Just like a few years back TSN did show the first TD Atlantic game between Hamilton and the Argos and it was a ratings success.
Now thaking this approach one step further and as I have previous called many times how a third Xibiton game should be added for a neutral site game for one half of the teams annually.
Meaning only four teams would rotate every year and TSN would then be able to show these games which would garner extra interest is showing other potential expansion cities and new venues(temporary stadiums).
What a concept?

That is was. But from an entertainment aspect it was dreadful.

I remember being excited to watch that game. . . the offseason being so long I was really anxious to see some CFL football. But after about ten minutes I was bored out of my skull.

So you're suggesting that TSN knows it would make money doing this but chooses not to? Why would this make any sense?

Or, YOU know it would make money, but TSN has not managed to figure this out, and for that reason doesn't show the games?

I would support it Pre Season football is better than no CFL football. Heck I even watch CFL classic games. :slight_smile:

Good post Arties…One of the reasons they don’t broadcast pre-season.


Certainly better than the NFL :lol:

Since some ppl do buy single game tickets for pre games at home,im sure it effects the bottom line in some way.Even if its blacked out,you can still watch it on HD.Likely not the best way to sell a CFL game to the avg or casual fan watching a preseason game.

In Hamilton we'll be in luck this year because Cable 14 has the ability to travel to Toronto to tape the away game and they can tape the home game against Winnipeg for those who don't attend.Last year, trying to watch the crappy feed from the WPG free press was just annoying. People standing in front of the cam, losing connection every 5 seconds, could only watch from a certain area that sucked.What a nightmare.