They send me a email saying that there is alot of interest in this game but a selling point which i do not think is right is that if you attend the game you will be entitled to a exclusive showing of tim horton's field with food samples and players there bla bla bla . it should be available to all season ticket holders . i moved up to platinum seats and i drive down the qew to supprt our cats on the road and because i do not wish to go to a meaningless game at a poorly seasted venue i am not invited to this exclusive event is just sooo wrong on many levels

They need to give people a reason to go to a nothing game at a college stadium. The way they said in the email that this is a "once and a lifetime opportunity" to attend a game at mac was a bit much. But hey I will still probably go if there are tickets available a few days before kickoff. I am starved for football!

They extended the deadline to enter the "lottery" after releasing the ticket prices. I have a feeling that everyone who enters this lottery will get tickets. Don't think the demand is too high.

Your right it should be offered to all season ticket holders. but typical action of this ticat management

Hey 92mustang.

Since THF will be owned by the city, those who live in Hamilton can contact their city councillor and ask them if they can open it to the taxpaying public after completion, but before July 26 (assuming it is done by then). You shouldn't have to agree to take a ticket at Mac in order to look at something all Hamilton taxpayers own. Of course you can't expect any free hors d'ouvers or Ticat players to be present. Although as it is an election year the city might cough up some free grub - as it would be good PR for their re-election campaign. You can always take a ticket to the pre-season game or walk around the stadium on July 26 - which would be the other option. Not likely to see the locker rooms or press box on game day. :wink:

Is the team reneging, in any way, on providing exactly the service that you paid for? A ticket to 9 games. No.
Is the team obligated to feed you for free, host a meet and greet and show you on a tour of their building because you have a season ticket? No.
Would you feel the team was obligated to do so if the event had not been created in the first place? I certainly wouldn’t.

This event is not a reward for your loyalty, its a marketing promotion, they’re trying to sell tickets to a preseason game. They’re trying to make some extra dough, they’re not trying to swindle you of every last penny, they just came up with a cool, fun way that may entice some extra sales of on another product. There is nothing wrong with this.

While it would be nice if the event was open to all, that doesn’t negate the fact that you would need to pay for it. So if you really want to go, buy a ticket to the pre-season game, skip the game. Not that hard.

According to the website under season tickets it states "**Prices include 10 home games", if the Ticats fail to host a home playoff game, then Yes they are reneging on the service we paid for and failed to fullfil the contract set in place when purchasing season tickets.

Regarding the rest of thread, given the flip-flop track record of this management team, there will probably be some other promotion that comes out to increase the attendance on the THF preview event. Something like; Buy an opening day T-Shirt in advance and you can be part of the tier 2 preview event.

Season seat holders’ 2014 10-game package will include nine regular season games and a playoff game at Tim Hortons Field. If the team not host a playoff game this year, season seat holders will receive a credit toward their 2015 seats
That actually is a little scammy to me now that I've read up on it... though assuming this rule was in place before you purchased, they're still providing what you paid for. Anyways, that's a whole other argument. That wasn't my point. My point was you've paid for your season seats, you're getting them. Just because they've offered a promotion on another product doesn't entitle you to receive it. Not for free anyways.

I might be in the minority, but I actually like this policy better than having the 10-game package include preseason and not the playoff game. I've never particularly enjoyed going to preseason games.

The breadth of the sense of entitlement on this site is shocking sometimes. The Liberal Party of Canada has a job for all of you who feel “entitled to your entitlements.”

I'll go even it it's sold out, just to piss off Whitehead and his buddies who said "f....k you Ticats" for Longwood. :wink: :smiley: And I'll be wearing a Cats jersey in Westdale. 8) And probably take a leak on the sidewalk. :wink: Hmm, it is Whitehead councillor for that area or is it McHattie? It's McHattie, my bad. Sentiments just the same though. 8)


I don’t know if you’ve been out of the country for the last 8 years but the Harperites are beyond entitled. They are just plain corrupt. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy on the east side of THF)