Pre-Season Game June 18th

Who all is going :thup:
Ill be there wearing my Black and Gold proudly. Yelling "Nobody Blows the the Argo's" :rockin:

I am, the games not televised. Its the only pre season game in the CFL not televised. If you want to see your Ticats first game. GO

Here is a great deal to the game below;

[url=] ... mail_top20[/url]

I'll be there. I always go to the games in TO.

I'm thinking about it.
I love going to games in TO but pre season games are always the most exciting.

I'm going to assume you mean "aren't always the most exciting" and agree with you. The first game is usually the worst because it is mostly backups. Last year's game in TO was dreadful. A 13-10 bore-fest.

But it is football, and November was a long, looooooooong time ago. I'm jonesing for some CFL action and I'll take it anywhere I can get it.

yup I meant aren’t, typed that watching the hockey game lol
I know what you mean about missing football and that’s why im thinking about it, I really wish it was on tv so I could just lay on my couch and watch but if I don’t go im stuck with listening to it on the radio…

This what I used for my Seat Will take the Go Train Down

I will buy a $10-15 ticket off a scalper and move to a new seat as always.
PS: Argo's Suck!!!!