Pre-Season game in QC

Anyone planning to go. I went to buy a pair and then price came up at $88.00 a ticket plus fees ! Going to catch a regular season game in Ottawa instead.

À ce prix là, je vais garder mon fric pour une partie d'après-saison à Montréal, genre finale de l'Est contre Toronto. :wink:

3 800 billets vendus, une foule attendue d'environ 6 000 personnes, pour ceux qui rêvaient d'une équipe à Québec, je crois que cette expérience est très révélatrice du support pour le football canadien dans cette ville.

It's the ticket price that is stopping this game from being a sell out. I still believe Quebec City would support a CFL team. Especially with a hyped up rivalry with Montreal and possibly Ottawa. There is no way a pre season game should cost $88. The tickets should range from $25 to $50 maximum. Get fans out and build hype.

Since the three 1st year qb's will likely play most of the game, anybody want to predict how they will look?

There are stories from other teams about the backup qb's getting a chance. With the Al's arguably having the most need at qb, there has been no stories about the kids showing anything in training camp. As one of them could very well be released afterwards, I hope they make the decision tough on the coaches.

Als could use a ray of hope in grooming a young qb for the future. That is better than waiting for another team to release somebody like a Jeremiah Masoli or Thomas DeMarco.

This is strictly an evaluation for Als players. Ottawa is playing its second and last pre-season game and should be much sharper.

What I meant is that I hope the total passing yards in the final 3 quarters is not in the low 100's or worse. Rookie qb's need to show why they should remain on the roster.

While I am curious to see how Bridge, Cato, Manley perform, it is far secondary to wanting to see how Crompton performs.

This is not the same situation as when AC was getting older and we had to develop a successor. Our biggest question mark is our starting QB and if Crompton is the guy. If not, next man up is LeFevour.

Regardless of how Crompton performs, the Als have been acting like he's there guy. Perhaps injury is the only thing that prevents Crompton from starting the 1st 6 games or so. So to me, it sees like only after a string of bad performances would they consider changing directions.

I would be intersted to see how Andrew Manley does. He passed for some decent yardage at mid major New Mexico State. Transferring to 1AA in 2013 with Eastern Illinois. Problem was that Patriots back up Jimmy Garrafolo was there passing for 5,000 yards.
Lefevour just coming off the IR. Marsh, who I was never a big fan of just hit the 5 game IR.
Montreal may go a bit longer with top line players being there are many new rec faces and Crompton is still learning.
Bridge could also get on the roster as the 3rd QB as well. To run short yardage and could be a wildcat type QB for 2 point conversions. Big 6'5 240 strong and fast a couple of strides and he will be in the end zone.
This could turn out to be the end for Marsh at some point this season.

A lot will depend on the standings in the East. The only reason the Als made the post season is because all Eastern teams came out of the gate equally bad. Most years a 1-6 start is death to a CFL team.

Je pouvais avoir des billets à 35$ via un "Généreux" ami. Comment se fait-il que les billets soient 88$ pour le reste de la planète? Ça me sidère!

Néanmoins, ça n'encouragera pas la ligue à faire la cour aux gens de Québec, qu'on le veuille ou non.

Ce sera l'équipe A- d'Ottawa contre l'équipe C- de Montréal.