Pre season game at McMaster

[quote]Because the demand for tickets is expected to outweigh the capacity at Ron Joyce Stadium, and to ensure all Ticats season seat holders have an equal opportunity to attend the game, tickets for the pre-season game will be available to season seat holders via lottery.

Interested season seat holders are encouraged to contact their account representative or e-mail ... ce-stadium

It will be as successful a lottery as the original Bills Toronto Series. I reckon ~ 6000 interested parties.


Won't bother entering the lottery for the preseason game. Already won. Either a playoff ticket or refund for one game if they don't make it!

I am not questioning what you said (well maybe a little) about a refund for one game Captain , but I did not see anything in the press release about It.....I did see a mention about a credit for a playoff game or 2015 season seats, if there is not playoff game, but not a refund.

Just sayin.

My ticket rep, when questions 2 weeks ago, indicated I could get a refund for games not played. I specifically asked because I said circumstances could change, and what if I am unable to attend games in 2015, and he said I would get a refund.

Perhaps he was lying though just to sell the seats. Who knows. He seemed sure something could be arranged regarding refunds. If there is no refunds, hopefully we are able to sell tickets at cost. That being said we all know there hasn't been that demand in the past for playoff games, so it would be disappointing not to go, and for there not to be a refund.

Hopefully all this is a non issue, and there are play off games at home this year!

Whoops. My mistake, You're right.

Shoulda said "credit", rather than "refund". I'm just as happy about that.

I'll check on what I can do at the gate via a scalper unless I do get seasons if I can see the stadium will be done for 2014. :wink:

What happened to all the Mac bashing and veiled threats? :wink:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are proud to announce their longstanding partnership with McMaster University will expand this year, with Ron Joyce Stadium hosting training camp and the Ticats home pre-season game on Saturday, June 14.

“This unique event at Ron Joyce Stadium offers an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our fans to see the team play in an incredibly intimate 6,000-seat venue in Hamilton. This game will also boast a very fan-friendly environment, including autograph sessions with players, prizes and more,? Ticats President and Chief Operating Officer Gibson commented.

I am in a wheelchair & there are maybe 20 spots for wheelchairs. We just talked to our rep & she said we will still have to go into the lottery for tickets. She said they never considered that the disabled would want to go to the game, She said she would check with staff & get back to us. Hopefully they will find a solution

I thought for sure they would go to Guelf for the Pre season game but opted for an easier route in the city via tha Argos plan last year playing at Varsity. Both teams have not had that much interest in fans attending theior Pre season games.
I hope to see their local Cable 14 Network again broadcast the game like last season in Guelph since TSN probably will not

We bashed them last year, time to move on.
I see this pre-season game much like the Black and Gold game they hold their at the end of camp, except you will have to pay.

Let me see if I understand this. Our 2014 season seat ticket pkg includes 10 games, 9 reg season and 1 pre-season.
So, because Mac cannot handle everyone, there is to be a "lottery" to see who can actually attend. If you do not "win" in the lottery, then we get a "credit" for either a post season game or 1 in 2015. This is the first I've heard of this although all the TiCat emails go to one of my friends.

I did not get an email on it either, I do not know if they have sent one out yet or not .......Anyways , the communication is on the front page of on how to apply to be in the lottery.

[url=] ... ce-stadium[/url]

Season seat holders' 2014 ticket packages include 9 regular season games and one playoff game at Tim Hortons Field.

Because we believe that demand for tickets is expected to outweigh the capacity at Ron Joyce Stadium (approx. 6,000), and to make sure all Ticats season seat holders have fair chance to attend the game, tickets for the pre-season game will be available to season seat holders on an individual basis via lottery.

Season seat holders are not required to enter the lottery -- the pre-season game is not a part of their 2014 package.

Season seat holders who want to be in the stands for this once-in-a-lifetime Tiger-Cats event are encouraged to enter the lottery by contacting their account representative or e-mail by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 7.

Results of the lottery will be released in March.

Thanks scottmcn for clearing that up.

Holy smokes Scott, this is a different interpretation then what I had what you are saying is .....if a SSH applies to enter the lottery and is selected he or she is eligible to buy a ticket(s) to Mac for the preseason game . Is this correct ? Cheers

Does anyone here know if guelf has taken down the temporary seating that they had last year for the ticats? Or is it still standing over there?

It has been taken down

That would explain why they would not be considerinf one last pre season game at Guelph then.

This is correct. The 2014 playoff ticket is part of the package not the preseason.