Pre-Season Game A : @Winnipeg

This is an interesting pre-season game because the Als open their season on the road against the Same Bombers.

O'Shea mentioned last night that he's looking for certain matchups, probably to test his linebackers and their running game. Hopefully Popp does not play into this. I'd sit out our starting linebackers and starting defensive linesmen in particular. I don't think there is any point in putting wear and tear on these guys and this will help sort out the secondary and our NI linebacker pecking, and young import defensive linesmen.

Als need a fast start to the season. If it was me. I would not be willing to give up ANYTHING that could be used in week one on the road.

I felt Winnipeg was better than their record last year. A lot like Montreal. They just didn't have the QB to make their offense go after Willy went down. This year they've added a real OC and some good weapons to their offense. At this point I'd rank them 3rd in the West.

Les Bou! Bombers devraient être une équipe très améliorée cette saison, principalement par le retour de LaPolice pour diriger l'attaque.

Cette partie doit servir à dérouiller un peu l'attaque, mais surtout à tester les joueurs qu'on veut évaluer. Je ne vois effectivement aucune utilité à déballer de la stratégie durant cette partie. Je ne verrais même pas d'un mauvais œil que Glenn ne joue qu'un quart et qu'on laisser les autres s'occuper du reste de la partie.

J'aimerais qu'on limite le temps de jeu de Rutley si Sutton est blessé et qu'on voit un peu plus de Louks, Cunningham, Stafford, Davidson, etc. Du côté de la défensive, il va falloir mettre les jeunes demis défensifs sur le terrain car c'est une unité névralgique chez les Alouettes. Parker, Brouillette et Johnson ne sont pas éternels, et il est bien possible qu'on en perde 2 de ces 3, voire les 3, dans un avenir rapproché. Les Alouettes ont besoin d'une relève pour bâtir autour de White et Ellis (et Ackie?). Je demeure songeur au sujet de l'absence de Coady, mais ça me laisse penser qu'il lui manque peut-être quelque chose pour faire le saut chez les pros.

Sutton is not making the trip.

Darrin Bauming posted this position chart.

What's been the deal with Vaughn Martin? Is he injured or having a bad camp adjusting? Reason I ask is the Als depth chart for tomorrow night shows him sitting third at one of the DT spots behind Jesse Joseph and James Bodanis. There's no chance he doesn't make the team, is there?

I'll be curious to see how the Als distribute playing time to the 8 QBs on the depth chart tomorrow night. I haven't seen what the coaching staff has said the plan will be but I can't imagine they would rotate through all 8. That top group of receivers should be one of the best if Glenn can stay healthy and play like he did last year.

This sometimes causes confusion but it is a position chart, not a depth chart. The holdovers are always listed first, so we can`t base any judgments on it. Als fans are certainly anxious to see how Martin does in game action.

I think the chart reflects the fact that it's the first preseason game so most of our defensive starters aren't going to be playing. There is no way Martin doesn't make the team.

The chart is identical to the one they handed out Sat. at the intra-squad game with the exceptions of Lue no longer listed above Johnson and C.J. Moore added at DB.

This is the complete roster and we know they aren`t taking everybody to Wpg. Sutton already confirmed as not going.

Just a roster chart.

Als very, very happy with Martin.

Any idea how Papazoola's doing. Haven't seen the old fellow post in a while ... :? :?

Bodanis on the dline ? Is it recent ?

Bodanis was switched to the d-line in the middle of last season. He dressed the final game as a d-lineman. No idea how he`s adapted.

Papazoola's been lurking around in the main CFL and the Bomber forums. He's fine AFAIK.

Thanks for the info on Martin. I thought what you guys were saying as well, but then when I looked at all the other positions they appear to be listed with the expected starter first, hence the confusion as to why he was down there at third.

Looking forward to tomorrow night boys and girls.

Quels sont les premières impressions sur la nouvelle attaque de Winnipeg?

C’est une bonne question. Je n’ai aucune idée.

Real answer is it’s too early to tell. I’ve seen a couple practices and the offense has looked underwhelming. But then you remember that basically it’s a new playbook with a lot of new pieces at receiver and RB. Reports are lately that the offense is starting to look better as camp has progressed but my impressions so far are as follows:

  1. Pros - Ryan Smith and Weston Dressler are as good as they’ve ever been. Harris has looked sharp for the most part as well, outside of some fumblitis during a couple rainy sessions. Expectations are high for all 3 and all have delivered in camp. Dressler is out for tomorrow due to injury and given that Ryan Smith has had a couple of “veterans day” off lately with a minor nagging something chances are he won’t play much tomorrow either.
  2. comme ci, comme ça - Darvin Adams and Rory Kohlert are capable if unspectacular 3rd and 4th options at receiver. Our top four is not as accomplished as the group the Als will bring to town, for sure. No one has really stood out for that 5th spot so far. Hopefully someone claims it soon so the first team and continue to work on getting some chemistry down. If not the receiving group could hold back the offense.
  3. the big ?'s - Lapo, IMO. Still not sold on him as OC. Lot of reasons and lot of excuses why it didn’t work here as a HC. It’s a work in progress, remains to be seen how it turns out. I doubt we’ll see much before the season starts though. The mantra seems to be a slow but steady build, so not much more than the basics for tomorrow at least.

Most excited to see our D. I think we’re set pretty much all around with good depth to boot, with the biggest ? being Macho Harris as the starting safety.

Wow! Merci de nous avoir partagé ces impressions! :thup: :thup:

Je crois que l'attaque sera meilleure que ce qu'elle était avec Bellefeuille. Ce dernier a toujours bâti des offensives qui n'évoluent pas à mesure que la saison avance. LaPolice devrait faire beaucoup mieux.

Exactly how I would have done it...

Players who didn’t travel with the team included tailback Tyrell Sutton, defensive-linemen John Bowman and Jesse Joseph, linebackers Bear Woods, Chip Cox and Winston Venable, along with defensive-back Billy Parker.

I just read somewhere that Popp is taking 70 players to WP.

Yup, and he plans on leaving the worst ones there! So cruel...

Yes, thank you wolverine for the scouting report. Very informative. I think LaPo will grow into the role. He’s been out of coaching for a few years, so he might be shaking the rust off. I remember that he was very imaginative with his ground game.

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