Pre-season: game 2 vs Lions

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Big game on Thursday vs B.C. at Commonwealth. I'm looking forward to this game as B.C. is the class in the west; therefore some say the Lions ran up the score on the Roughriders and I beg to differ. Mike Reilly #2 on the depth chart for B.C. put up great numbers. The Lions are deep - well coached - play good 3-4 D [Stubler]; Nelsons 4-3 D gets a test. On Offense; us fans get to see Jyles/Charles/Carr and Stamps [however brief]...........Skookum

Does anyone know if this game’s going to be shown on TSN2? It doesn’t have the icon beside the game. I’m really excited to see Jyles and some of the other offensive starters. I may have to find a stream online…

I guarantee us a win. :thup:

Euro soccer is on TSN 2; however the [Eskie website] are going to stream line the game, from what I read.

the game wasn’'t listed on TSN on my satelite TV, only 1 game this week is listed

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Skookum; the game vs the Lions will be shown in it's entirety. :rockin:

Sweet! :smiley: That's lame that TSN's only showing one game this week. :thdn:

According to Dave Campbell, Jyles and Joseph will each get a quarter with the starters. That's interesting. I didn't think Joseph would get that much playing time, but now I'm kind of curious to see how he performs.

Apparently Joseph is sitting in the #3 spot right now, interesting . I wonder if he doesn't impress if they may trade him.

I was under the impression Joseph was still #2. Please tell me they didn't move Nichols ahead of him. :?

This was on the Esks web site I originall thought that it was a quote from Reed but after re reading it I see it's from Dave Campbell.
"Jyles has enjoyed a very good training camp. He’s shown the ability to make all of the throws. To put the ball in the right spots, and use his best asset which is his feet. Kerry Joseph was supposed to come to training camp and push Jyles for the number one job. He hasn’t come close to doing that. In fact, Nichols has been more consistent and is pushing for the backup job. Joseph needs a big game Thursday to keep the number two job. "

I guess it's not really the same as my original post where I said Joseph was #3 already, but it sure sounds like he's heading in that direction . I wouldn't want to be in Joseph's shoes right now with all that pressure and facing a very tough BC D that will be fired up from Stubler making his return.

I'd heard Nichols had a good training camp, but after the way he crashed and burned in Game 1, Joseph might be safe, for now. It'll be interesting to see what these two do tonight. Regardless, back-up QB isn't one of our strengths this season. If, God forbid, Jyles goes down early, Edmonton might as well go with Nichols or Masoli (if he's still around after tonight) to see who the future QB will be, because I doubt Joseph will have the stamina to lead this team to the playoffs.

I'm a little unsure of the QB position. I hate to say it, but I thought Joseph outplayed Jyles. It's not that Jyles had a bad game, I just think Joseph was better. After this pre-season, I'd rank the QBs Joseph, Jyles, Nichols. That said, I still don't think Joseph has the stamina for an 18-game schedule. Look at Brett Favre, for the last few years of his career, his stats would always trail off in the latter half of the season. This is a young man's game, and Joseph's 39.

Wow am I glad I stopped by here to find this out, for I missed the whole first half searching for a damn link. And yes it's lame that it's not on TSN. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: Morons!

I love the theme to Shaft as the halftime waiting music for the broadcast. :lol:

I listened on the radio. From the sounds of it I didn't miss much. The Lions are gonna rawwwr and the Esks are gonna meltdown this year I think. Unless they're sandbaggin'. :lol:

Neither is starting QB :smiley: Thank god we are getting a 4th kicker to look over though

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^^ :lol: :lol: I sense a bit of sarcasm. No, but seriously, I agree, unless Jyles improves, this trade could end up being a huge disaster. I'll give him a few more weeks. This was just one quarter in pre-season.

Ah Chief that trade of Ray sucked day one as you know well from my comments this forum.

Quit trying to turn it into a slow motion train wreck just so you can enjoy the carnage longer you sicko! :lol:

There's an Eskimos training camp primer at CFL HQ's site. The site also has other team previews as well.