Pre-season Game 2 vs. Calgary

Anyone out there listening @ home like I am this evening?

So far so good with the discipline and that's what I am most concerned about in every pre-season contest. I want to see some execution and capitalization on opposition mistakes as well.

So far we had the pick by Eddie Davis, but couldn't capitalize. 7-0 Stamps.

Ya im listening here at home not liking what im hearing.

10-0 Stamps. Looks like one of Armours replacements is out for the game. I just hope we can break the no-hitter, currently being pitched by Calgarys defence, before halftime. Jyles is proving himself a little... as a non-starter.

Durant steps in and changes happen love it

I am listening at home as well, didn't like what ive heard early D sounds vanilla and jyles sounds no better than last year, but am loving durant's drive hopefully he can keep it up. I really want to see this no call pass interfearence

TD woohooo GO RIDERS


I love DD's drive as well because it was a drive that could have ended back near the centre stripe, if not for an undisciplined Calgary penalty. Also have to love the "vanilla-D" turning to solid gold. Third forced fumble for Stevie Baggs, in the two pre-season games, on a sack on Burris that leads to a turnover. Now that's capitalizing!!! DD fumbling on 3rd and half-a-yard isn't too cool, but we got the recovery and the first. 14-10 Riders!

Yeah the D wasn't lookin good to start but sounds like their staring to turn things around

Geno, Kornegay, and Boreham all down with injuries. Here we go again! Sigh:(

But a FOURTH forced fumble and recovery for Stevie Baggs!!!!!!!! Kitwana who???

Steevie Baggs 2 forced fumbles wow

darn McGeehe just fumbled the punt return and CGY scores not good not good

Might cost him a job.

Sounds like Charles, despite some sketchy blocking, won a job over Beaver.

Lots of evaluation done. Durant looked good. They came back from a bad start and made it a good game. Conji looked really good on punts. The rookies looked like rookies but they also got some of the rookie stuff out of their system.