Pre-season Game #1

Does anyone have a "wishlist" of what they'd like to see happen versus the Esks? I'm hoping a few of the new guys play well enough that a veteran will have to bust their can the rest of TC to make the team.

Like the decapitation of Ricky Ray?

That's a start!

a few busts on the Esks side, like the 8 that we had in 2008..

Gee, a Rider fan hoping an opponent's QB gets injured in a meaningless game. Big surprise :roll:

good thing we sent u an offensive lineman who couldn't make our team to protect Ray
Oh, thanks for the first round pick


Awright, I'm sorry.

How about if he gets hurt in practice a couple days before the game, is that better?

How about everybody stays healthy and we out play the shmoes?

I don't wish season ending injuries on anyone.

Seconded. I'm looking to see just how good/bad the new look D will be.

You know what burns me, is that they don't broadcast pre-season games. Do they not think that there would be an audience? Are they presumptious that I would rather watch cricket, 5-pin bowling, FIFA, or even a spelling bee? How about World Series Poker? Let's see....just checking....yep! US Open golf PREVIEW show...whoop'd , and World Series of Poker....followed by "Around the Horn", "Pardon the Interupption" and "Off the record".

Give me a break.......

and I LOVE TSN, it just bugs me. I'm sure there's avalid reason. I mean, you should have seen the fans at practice for crying out loud! Jammed stands on the one side there in Saskatoon......

I understand production costs versus meaningless games, but look, where's theres an audience, there's people wanting to advertise. Which equates to revenue. IMO.

Hey! You are the guy's suspected to leave RR in for a full half in this so-called "meaningless game". Make no mistake my friend, this game is big for both clubs!

Durant showing command of the offense along with a strong field presence.
Linebackers looking solid.
One or two of the Defensive Ends showing some speed.
No injuries for anyone.

You have a right to be bitter over that trade. But, not because we lost the trade. He didn't want to be here, in his home province, playing in the best football atmosphere in the country. I don't like people who forget where they are from, that's why I'm bitter.

You are wrong that he couldn't make the club. If you saw him at camp he wasn't playing up to reputation, but that could be for any number of reasons. I assure you if he wanted to be here, he still would and he definately would have made the team.

You'd think Shaw, in this case, and Access(7) Comm. in Regina, would be all over getting league permission to do a low quality broadcast to increase their popularity through the strenth of the volunteerism they enjoy. I know Access(7) needn't do any more complex a broadcast than they do for the U of R Rams games. Meh...

I couldn't agree with you more buddy!



I just hope Durant can read the secondary, have a feeling we will be "tossing it up" a lot for the 1st half of the season. That and no darn injuries to the receivers...they're all we have this year. :expressionless:

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rumbling we are not. Mid second Q and pretty disappointing so far from my perspective. At least there has been no penalties on us yet.