Pre-season: Game 1 vs. Stamps

According to the homepage, it'll be on TSN2 tonight at 9 PM ET. Will anyone be watching?

Wouldn't miss it :thup:
trying to remain positive [url=] ... ex-Defense[/url]

I’m looking forward to the game as well and to see Nelson’s 4-3 [Double Eagle Flex] Defense.
I put up two links which explains on how this D Flex is implemented; however this is in NFL ball, but atleast gives people some insight on how it is set up. This is new to me; perhaps someone/Paolo X can add input on where the extra man is positioned for the CFL game?

I haven't been using Twitter much lately, so I haven't been following training camp that closely. I think it's interesting that Edmonton is starting Nichols tonight instead of Jyles. Is it just a case of the Eskimos wanting to check him out, or does he actually have a shot at replacing Jyles as the starter?

Edit: According to the guys in the booth, Edmonton left most of its starters at home. They're using it more as an evaluation game. Guess that answers my above question. :lol:

Nichols picked up on the rush well on that one play; result in a nice catch by Koch. Matt can bootleg out of the pocket as well to make plays; thus has a good understanding of what is expected of him.

What I noticed about Nichols was, on the first series and a bit, he was looking at his first read and never looked elsewhere. Telegraphing where he was going to throw. He’ll have to correct that or else when the games count, defences will eat him alive.

Resulted in a Calgary pick off in the second Quarter; learning curve for sure, but needs more reps.
Pick six for Burnett from Tate.........good D - 8-0 Edmonton leads.

. . . and Nelson's defence is starting to assert itself, which is encouraging given so many starters not playing. . .

Yeah, I wasn't overly impressed with Nichols. Some of it was receivers messing up routes, but overall, eh.

Coker is a key back for Calgary along with Cornish; Kevin Glenn [good arm]…can do the job in a different light.

I was surprised Cornish lost his cool so easily in a pre-season game. :expressionless:

Football has a way of turning on the light bulb [competitive wise] - 11-6 Eskimos at the half.

Okay now that interception was exactly what I was talking about. Nichols stared at his receiver for way too many steamboats, didn't look anyone off, hence INT.

Yeah. Also, that handoff with Summers (gonna think of Glau every time I hear that name lol) was brutal. Jyles better light it up next week. :lol:

I'm sure the coaches [films of the game] will address what you said there MadJack on Nichols. Thanks to the Defense and Special Teams play to keep the lead ...ect.........close game none the less.

Anyone else feel like Summers and Masoli are playing to get cut? Come on, guys. :lol:

Too many men [Stamps] on a nice interception by Calgary... 17-9 Esks [field-goal] at the 3:00 min. warning.

Skookum were tied at 17 each- TD pass and 2pt. convert by Sinopoli :thup:
Great finish - Stampeder FG in the end - 20-17 Calgary

So I passed out during the fourth. :lol: I've had a cold all week, and it's been kicking my behind. Anyway, my thoughts on the first three quarters:

QB: Nichols was average. As much as I don't like having a grandpa as our back-up, I don't think he should pass Joseph.
RB: Hard to judge since we didn't use it. Stat sheet says we had 13 attempts. That seems generous. lol
OL: Didn't see a lot of improvement, though I think Suitor said we had a bunch of new guys in there, so that may be why.
DF: Defence looked solid. It looked like we were able to get some pressure on the QB, and I believe we had two picks and a fumble.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I thought the defence would have to bail out the offence while the offence gels, and that's looking to be the case.

The Esks Defense will be sound in the 4-3 and will get better as the season moves along. As for Nichols; Matt will be the #3 QB which is O.K.; thus will be the place kick holder. I don't think the Coaches are worried about the running game vs Calgary; more so the focus was how Nichols [passing] can perform in the pocket/bootleg with play action along with stress. On that note; check out the after game video in the Eskie site which explains expectations in more detail. Against B.C. it will be a different story; intrigued to see Jyles/Charles and more of the vets perform.