Pre-season Game #1 - SSK @ EDM, Sun. May 27th

Depth Charts, All the QB's are there

Riders leaving a lot at home....
I know it is an evaluation game...but all starting DL, the 3 established starting DBs, Messam, Bagg....


Two general principles for CFL preseason are:

  1. Use first game to evaluate rookies/borderline players
  2. Give the home fans a good show.

Having your first exhibition game on the road is "1+2 = a very thin travel squad"

I understand that teams don't play everyone, but this seems to push the extremity of that. Not knocking is a good thing. Just saying.

Jones has also said Watford starts, Williams 2nd, Daniels gets the 3rd. With a new #1 QB and ZC never having taken a snap in action with the club it is surprising that they are not penciling some of that in...usually that 1 and 2 get a series...though who knows come 4th I guess.

Is Collaros gonna grab the bull by the horns?

Is Torrance Gibson the real deal?

Eskies lead 14-0 - where they left off not too long ago.

Playing your starters right out of the gate in Exhibition Game 1 tends to yield that kind of result.

Gotta give the home town fans a show.

Edmonton is a core group as well - Riders next game is at home vs Calgary June 8

Is it on T.V.?

Sure feels good to watch some CFL again hey? Unreal.


LOL. Which TSN station?

TSN 1 and 3

Like this time slot late afternoon Sundays .

CFL needs to make one game of the week late afternoon or early evening Sundays .

Watford has a good arm nice zip on the ball .

It's great to watch real football finally after many months, even if it is pre season and today's game is fairly entertaining as well.

Agree, should be Sunday night prime time though.

Thank you. :slight_smile: